Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Learning

It's past 12MN and I'm still here on my computer browsing Blogs. Thank God I'm done with my assignment for tommorow's Sunday service (Communion exhortation) and also I've read the bible already. I've also sent my children to bed after begging me to let them play in the computer.
Well, I discovered a lot tonight. And yippey! I am following some bloggers LOL... you see, I'm using some terms already. Anyways, it's really fun, entertaining, informative and it's nice because I can pour out my emotions through this. I remember Nanay Inday telling me before that blogging fits me because I am a conversationalist (something) and I type fast. Before, I was just listening to my sisters in church talking aout this and that and I would turn my attention towards others because I could not get what they're talking about. It's all "Blogs." Until it caught my curiousity side that I asked Bogie to teach me how. Thanks to her patience and sincerity in helping me. Also to Koko for the additional tips.
That's why I'm having another hobby - a more exciting one too. But I have to go to sleep now before my husband comes home. He's coming late because of his singing career that ends at 12MN. By the way, I'm glad my husband doesn't like reading my articles so I can write about him without his knowledge. LOL again.


chinita_sai on February 1, 2009 at 9:56 PM said...

hi te! pag butang na og cbox, aron didto r ami mag message :) added u already, naa naman diay ko sa imo list, kanang little Singkit!