Monday, February 2, 2009

Spanish Memories

On the 3rd of February will be Nante's 41st birthday. Since it's gonna be another busy day for me, I told him I will give him an early treat. He agreed, though he commented it's still better to have a date on the actual day. Even so, we went to a mall to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It's a comedy and adventure movie. I like the story, especially I like watching talking dogs. I remember my Spanish subject since some dogs talk Spanish in the movie, like: "me corazon" (my heart), "no has" (no more), etc.
Speaking of Spanish subject, I also recalled how I struggled during my fourth semester (last). I wasn't doing well with the subject because it's kinda hard to memorize the sequences o-as-a-amos-ais-an and to connect them to some let's say, root words. And there are feminine and masculine words. For example, "la mesa" is a feminine word because it ends with letter A. While "edificio" (building) is a masculine word as it ends with letter O. That's the basis for connecting the words "la" or "el", and some other rules for sentence construction.
So, to be able to pass the subject and for me to graduate college, my teacher (Mrs. Tejano) gave me a chance by giving me removal examination (oral). And what was that? To recite "Mi Ultimo Adios." I remember how my sweat glands were so active that time LOL. As I stood in front of her, I started the first paragraph correctly, but I know the 2nd, 3rd and so on were all scrambled. I stopped and scratched my head even it's not itchy, upon realizing what I'm reciting was all blah! blah! Thank God, my teacher was so kind. Maybe she even wanted to laugh that time. And guess what? She's a Christian (no wonder). What she did was, she let me sit and prayed for me. She then led me to prayer of acceptance (of Jesus). And all is history regarding my Christianity. By the way, Nante is one of her church's member that time (guess it can now be traced...:)