Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby's Kidney Problem

Early this morning my brother texted me that his newborn son was diagnosed as having problem with his kidney. The ultrasound report showed there’s something black in the left kidney. The pediatrician then referred them to a kidney specialist. I pitied Mark very much because if all his children were alive, he’d have three in all.

The first was miscarried at 3 months during pregnancy, the second baby was born at exactly 9 months but unfortunately he only lived less than 24 hours because of abnormalities: his stomach was hallow when it was x-rayed. It was found out that the small and big intestines were all inside his lungs. Now that they finally have their 3rd child (but their first), Mark is very much sad about Micquel’s situation. He may already have phobia and trauma from his previous experiences.

As a sister, it’s also very sad on my part. I pity him especially when he said that he cried when the doctor said that the baby must undergo an operation. Money can be produced but the life of the baby is at stake. Again, the best thing we could do is to PRAY.