Monday, February 9, 2009

A Levi's Pants For A Respiratory System

I’m a person who is not that brand conscious. I’d rather prefer cheaper but nice things than brands. Though, admittedly, I also like owning branded clothes and other things, and in fact, I have a few (too few to mention hehehe). I know of some friends who really sacrifice the price for considering the brands. My brother once gave me a pair of shirts and warns that I should take care of it because it’s branded. Meaning, it’s expensive.

Just this morning, my officemate requested me to research for The Respiratory System (her daughter’s assignment). I then searched it in the internet, copied and printed it. When I gave her the papers, she handed me a grocery bag containing something. I whispered, “What’s this?” She replied that it’s for me. I clapped my hands (quietly) and thanked her; even I haven’t seen what’s inside it yet.

When I reached home I excitedly opened it and found a Levi’s pants! I exclaimed, “Yes!” It’s what I got in exchange for the respiratory organ. I thanked God for the blessing.