Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sanyo Memory

Me and two of my officemates left a little later than the usual sked. We had some stories to tell each other. I shared about my experience when I was yet working with Sanyo Philippines. Here's my story:

I scheduled two white lines (refrigeration and airconditioning) technicians to a service call in Baungon, Bukidnon (about an hour or more away from the Cagayan de Oro City). When they reached the area, they looked for the house of the customer. When they finally found her, one of them introduced themselves by saying, "Nang, nia mi kay kadtong inyong complaint sa rep (We're here for your complaint regarding your ref(rigerator)." The woman replied, "Sir, mao gyud nang nilayas akong anak kay gipasanginlan nga nang-rape (Sir, that's the reason my son left our place - because he was accused of raping somebody")! I advised them that from then on they have to be careful, they should pronounce words properly... before our customers could have heart attack.

A Yucky Experience

As I was riding on a 'tri-sikad' yesterday heading for my office. I noticed some men working on the road under repair. They had this big hose sucking mud they've dug down under. The big hose was placed on the center of the road that when the black waters were released, the road looked so yucky! Suddenly, a vehicle was coming toward our direction. It went so fast that when it hit the mud it splashed right to us (driver and me)! The 'sikad' driver was so angry he had 'tongues' LOL. I was shocked and speechless. I was angry but I thought, there's nothing we can do. The jeepney driver may even didn't know what happened, the men working never noticed the incident. So I told the 'sikad' driver to go back to my house because my pants, feet, blouse were muddy-wet with a little dot on my face. EW! My son said I looked like Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because of the 'mole'. So, I took my second bath for that day and, I was very late in coming to the office. Charge to experience...

The Fire Victim

When I go home for lunchbreak, I usually take a nap. Twenty or fifteen minutes will recharge me and keeps me active for the whole afternoon's work in the office. Yesterday, I laid on our settee in the living room because my hubby was doing his things on the guitar in our bedroom. It was around 12:45 when my son called me to see from the window a thick, black smoke. Suddenly, my hubby and all the people in our house made me aware that there's fire! I was not mindful of the news. Instead, I continued closing my eyes and trying to sleep. But, it was already 1:00 and I still haven't taken a nap so I arose and changed, ready for office.
Hubby told my son to ask his mother the details of the fire (location, etc.). When my mother-in-law went upstairs, the voice on the radio just mentioned the name of our cousin. They were one of the victims of the fire! I was then leaving for office. I was really surprised! But what I could do that time was to pray for them and called her and checked how they were doing. How I pitied them. The wife was discharged from the hospital for an operation last Saturday, and on Tuesday, another bad thing happened. These are all just trials on them, I know. My prayer was that God would strengthen them and not be discouraged, God to bless them and that the things lost will be provided back to them. (Rom. 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.")

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Permit's Update

Praise the Lord! We're almost done with our building permit application. All papers (requirements) were submitted yesterday. Was informed that by Monday to Wednesday, an inspection on the lot will be scheduled. After that, the much, much needed permit will be issued to us. But again, for the last time a payment will be made, more or less P1,000. I thought we will be able to finish the processing for three days but it would take a week. But it's okay. I'm thankful to God that I feel less burdened now with this issue. It's almost done! Halleluiah... As of now, we will continue praying and praying for this and for the continuation of our house construction, lifting up everything to God.

Why Am I Weak?

During our prayer meeting last night, we were asked who has prayer requests. I was one of those who raised their hands. My concern was my health. I noticed that these past few days, I feel weak. I thought, what happened? Am I getting old? Hmm, not really, I guess. Or maybe I just need vitamins (I don't take one).

Before sleeping (after praying), I evaluated myself (what really makes me weak)? That; at the start of day (for weekdays): quiet time (daily), household chores, office works, ministry time (if any), on Saturdays would be a combination of family time (with household chores) and ministry. Of course, Sundays will be fellowshipping with the Lord and rest in the afternoon! But I realize that there are times when my time management is being disturbed by an invited circumstances. I hate it when my boss asks me to wait for her after office hours because she doesn't like to go inside the office after her aerobics class in the covered court and nobody's there. The result? Yesterday, me and hubby rushed for our prayer meeting because I was already sent a message that we're almost starting. Last Monday, I was not able to join our Mentoring Group in the church because she told me to canvass at some makers of table signs and I had to give her my report the morning of the following day.

This week also, we're busy processing our building permit (as I've blogged last time). It really pressured me (talk about the fees, the other requirements, etc.). Thank God I was able to hire a very patient and good friend to do the processing for us. Another thing is that, my brother is having problem with his wife's health (I'll blog about it next time). He keeps on texting me about it until this time. My office works were always interrupted with my sending and receiving text messages. My, that was a heavy week (physically and mentally).

My partial findings: I need

1. Vitamins
2. Prayer for peace of mind
3. Prayer that my time (as I scheduled it) will not be interrupted by my boss
4. To rearrange my time (with the Lord's help) to accommodate some equally important (but not regular) things to do
5. Prayers and more prayers

I realized that pressures can also weaken us physically... When I woke up this morning, I felt recharged. Thanks to my brethren's prayers. I've spent longer quiet time with my Lord. I've scheduled my 'mission' for the day. One will be visiting a sister who just got discharged from the hospital... Starting today, my needs mentioned above will be highly considered - for me to have that strength I badly need.

Match As Deodorizer

When nature calls and I'm in the office, "Oh, no!" I'd really try not to do 'it' because I'm so conscious if somebody will use the restroom immediately after me, especially if it's my boss. When she'd knock at the door, we will panic and hurries to go out. So, if ever I just couldn't hold it, I'd just grab my small bottle of Victoria's Secret and spray at least thrice after flushing the bowl in order to deodorize the room. One time my boss commented how fragrant the restroom was, after I used it. I just smiled, and my officemates were smiling at me too (they knew why). Everytime I'd hold my perfume while going to the 'room', they'd sometimes tell me, "Ops! We know what you're going to do." I'd just signal them to be quiet. Yes, I'd sacrifice my expensive perfume for that. Actually, the name bears it, 'Secret.'

One time, the one sitting next to my table approached me. She advised me that instead of using my perfume, I will use a match. That, three sticks will shoo away the bad smell. I asked her where she got the idea. Her sister works with a famous beauty product in the US. She was the one who gave her the tip. Indeed it works! Try it too. Now, I can only use my Victoria's Secret when we run out of matches LOL.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Marching Time!

How time flies. It's already March - marching time, as they say... When my family in Iligan City asked me why we did not bring along our kids, I explained: Well, they are both busy doing their school projects and assignments because school year is ending, it's the fourth grading period. Besides, the younger one is fighting for first honors while the older is fighting for 'survival!' They laughed at my joke but with curiousity. I saw the question marks on their foreheads. I further explained; my son's study habit is bad. He's contented just to be able to get passing grades even how little these may be. What shall he do with the excess of 75% anyway? Well, this just won't do with my little girl. She really aimed to get the first honors award for three consecutive years. With all our support... who wouldn't be glad if that happens. I always remind them how important it is to be serious in their schooling. Or else they will not get good jobs in the future.

One time, my daughter said that she wanted to grow up like me; to have "two offices" because she believes in the saying "Like mother like daughter." I wonder where'd she hear that quotation. She really understands it eh?... So c'mon, march on kids! To a brighter future - with God as your guide.

God Help Us! It's so hassle...

Was starting with the construction of our dream house (though an indigenous type yet), last week when a concerned friend of ours advised us to secure a building permit first to avoid possible penalty. I didn't know that penalty thing. All the while I thought it's just okay to secure said permit after the house is constructed. Anyway, I heeded the advise. Starting today papers were being processed. Believe me, it's sooo tiring. Well, I can sacrifice, of course. It's a good sacrifice - for the good of the whole family. But what makes me a bit nervous are the various fees. Every office we went to requires their respective payments. I guess we'll have to spend around P2,000 for this. We have no choice...

Someone advised us; if we have friends in a certain government office, we will have to beg him/her for assistance. Or else, we'll have to go "under-the-table." Of course not! It's really different when you accomplish something or get things done the right way. Besides, it's just the 'system.' Well, if the system is not right, we can resist it and insist to do it our way (rightly) and it's God's desire for us to be righteous. Above all these, I know we can accomplish the requirements - with God on our side. We just have to be patient and do our praying. We can't do anything apart from Him. I know, He will put everything in order - for us to be set free from this hassle...

Beauty Session

Yesterday me and hubby went to my hometown; Iligan City. My mom, younger sister and our eldest sister's family were glad with our visit but wished we brought our kids with us. I sensed how they missed my kids. Anyway, since we arrived already late in the afternoon, we decided to stay for the night and just leave early dawn so as not to be late or absent from my work.

My sister treated us with a yummy dinner as if there's an important occasion. While having dinner I thought about our kids - how about them? What are they having for dinner? Mothers...

After the table was cleared, my sister introduced her new business product, Mary Kay. I told her it's just like Avon. She objected, saying it's local while MK is an expensive brand. She then took her box of kit because she will have a demonstration for hand spa and facial. She ordered us to wear a big, towelette "headband" while the Cortes ladies (me, mom, Lenore and her) plus my hubby were given mirrors with very small round containers beneath it. Then the session began. While giving instructions, she said we have saved about P500.00 from the parlor. Agreeably, the product is good. It made our hands so smooth. At least for a while.

As we rested that night, I realized I missed that kind of family bonding. I look forward to another beauty session with them.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beauty Parlors

While riding on a tricycle one day, I overheard my co-passengers talking about the other one's work that day in one of the popular beauty parlors in Cagayan de Oro City. She told her mom how irritated she was with her customer in the morning. Here's her story:

(While doing on the hair of the man):
Man : Miss, do you offer free coffee here?
Lady : No, sir. Sorry.
Man : Why not? The other parlor just near here offers free coffee. And it's overflowing. You can ask for more every time.
Lady : Really? What's the name of the parlor, sir?
Man : Greenhills Funeral Parlor!

Then I knew why...


One of my officemates is fond of making fun and telling jokes to us. He asked my other officemate sitting at my back:

Him : Candy, how are you related to Beauty?
Candy : Beauty, who?
Him : Oh, c'mon.. Beauty, you don't know her? Your relative...
Candy : (Realized her full name - Candy SALON Patungan).


Hope these made you smile, bloggers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The ATM Incident

Last night, we were supposed to start our church’s regular Mentoring Group meeting at 6:00 PM. But before we got into the discussion, we had chitchats about anything. One topic we had was about the ATM card. Beginning March of this year, all government employees are required to have an ATM card thru Landbank because salaries and all other benefits will be deposited to the bank already, not anymore thru the office cashier (cash).

I related to the group one incident wherein I stood in line at Gaisano Mall’s ATM to verify my balances. While waiting for my turn, I noticed an untidy man standing not very far from another person who was already doing his transaction. I knew the man was annoyed by the other man’s presence near him. The latter then approached the lady before me and asked for her assistance in transacting the ATM. The lady looked on the card he’s holding and I also glanced into it. She told him that the card he’s carrying is not applicable to any of the three ATMs. I smiled at the lady, but inside me I was laughing hard. Why? The card he’s holding was a Gaisano Suki Club; a card the mall gives to its frequent buyers to earn points and exchange with goods! I was thinking; maybe he’s a thief and when he found the card, he thought it’s an ATM card and he can withdraw cash from it. LOL!