Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Am I Weak?

During our prayer meeting last night, we were asked who has prayer requests. I was one of those who raised their hands. My concern was my health. I noticed that these past few days, I feel weak. I thought, what happened? Am I getting old? Hmm, not really, I guess. Or maybe I just need vitamins (I don't take one).

Before sleeping (after praying), I evaluated myself (what really makes me weak)? That; at the start of day (for weekdays): quiet time (daily), household chores, office works, ministry time (if any), on Saturdays would be a combination of family time (with household chores) and ministry. Of course, Sundays will be fellowshipping with the Lord and rest in the afternoon! But I realize that there are times when my time management is being disturbed by an invited circumstances. I hate it when my boss asks me to wait for her after office hours because she doesn't like to go inside the office after her aerobics class in the covered court and nobody's there. The result? Yesterday, me and hubby rushed for our prayer meeting because I was already sent a message that we're almost starting. Last Monday, I was not able to join our Mentoring Group in the church because she told me to canvass at some makers of table signs and I had to give her my report the morning of the following day.

This week also, we're busy processing our building permit (as I've blogged last time). It really pressured me (talk about the fees, the other requirements, etc.). Thank God I was able to hire a very patient and good friend to do the processing for us. Another thing is that, my brother is having problem with his wife's health (I'll blog about it next time). He keeps on texting me about it until this time. My office works were always interrupted with my sending and receiving text messages. My, that was a heavy week (physically and mentally).

My partial findings: I need

1. Vitamins
2. Prayer for peace of mind
3. Prayer that my time (as I scheduled it) will not be interrupted by my boss
4. To rearrange my time (with the Lord's help) to accommodate some equally important (but not regular) things to do
5. Prayers and more prayers

I realized that pressures can also weaken us physically... When I woke up this morning, I felt recharged. Thanks to my brethren's prayers. I've spent longer quiet time with my Lord. I've scheduled my 'mission' for the day. One will be visiting a sister who just got discharged from the hospital... Starting today, my needs mentioned above will be highly considered - for me to have that strength I badly need.