Friday, September 11, 2009

"Home" Alone

My officemates and me (2nd from right)

Yup, I'm alone in my third home - the office. All my officemates are out for a team building, or shall I say team bonding at Initao Natural Park. Actually, I was supposed to be with them but during the meeting/planning, the office's Chief announced that there should one personnel to report for office to attend to some clients. She was referring to our sickly personnel because she's concerned with her health. But, I saw how sad she was upon hearing it. So I volunteered myself to be left in the office. Anyway, I told myself, I've already experienced the canopy walk, swimming, etc. My officemate was very happy I gave in. And so the whole day, I am alone in the office. And I find it not so boring hehe because I've done so many things instead: reading, studying, etc. with of course a little (and no pressure) office works. Not to mention the relaxing hours LOL! Then of course, I've posted to my blog again, at last. I've missed blogging the past two weeks.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Like Her?

Gep, my niece (daughter of my sis-in-law) is a very talkative li'l girl (6 years old). She often talks to herself in Tagalog dialect, inspired by some TV soap operas. If you'll observe her, well she's really a good actor, a drama princess who imitates the leading lady or the villain lol. But one thing I don't like about her is her attitude when she gets angry and doesn't get what she wanted. She'd cry or yell showing the 'no fear' attitude. Good thing she's afraid of me haha! One wrong word or action, I'll immediately correct her. I wouldn't tolerate her with that attitude as she'd grow up with a bad character. That's why she doesn't act that spoiled brat in my presence. One mealtime, my son commented on how noisy she is, that her voice is very irritating especially when she cries. I agreed, "Yeah, when she grows up and have a family of her own, she will be a noisy mom who'd always scold her children, blah blah blah like that." He replied, "Ah you mean, you were as noisy as Gep when you were a child, Ma?" Hubby laughed out loud (while I became speechless).

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Very "Discomforting" Thing

For two days I've been suffering the discomforts of "hmmm...roids". Mom advised applying it with Banana peeling. I hadn't done it yet because I've already applied it with Katialis - highly recommended by a friend. Sadly, it didn't work this time. I browsed the net for possible treatments so I wouldn't have to go to the doctor LOL! Acetaminophen is recommended , but only temporarily as it may "come again". There are so many things to do like increase water and fiber intakes and exercise (oww! I'm guilty on this), to name a few. Other causes include overweight (ulk!), etc. But the warning is, if it bleeds, we have to consult the doctor as it may be something more serious. I also thought that the main cause is constipation. But diarrhea also causes this kind of sickness. It pays to research about some early symptoms of sickness, but I guess going to a doctor would be best (but not with this [for me] LOL!). Anyways, I had this 'instinct' again, so I took Flanax because, it's anti-inflammatory. Indeed, I feel more comfortable now, thank God. Aside from instincts, folks, prayer is much needed in times of sickness - I mean ALL kinds of sickness!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunburn or Leg Burn?

Right after our Sunday service in church I changed my high-heeled shoes to slippers to relax my legs. While going home on our motorcycle, hubby told me to face left-side because it would be more comfortable for me and him as he drives. I insisted for the right side because the sun is on the left. I don't want to get sunburn hehe. Suddenly my slipper fall on the road. T'was timely that the motorcycle stopped because of the traffic. I hurriedly went down. But, my leg accidentally touched the muffler. Oh men, it was burning hot! Ouuuch! It felt like being cut by a blade. Until now I can still feel the pain and the dark mark is there. Hubby applied toothpaste. Hmm, I don't know if it's really effective. But maybe, because it did not swell (thank God). I thought, I should have chosen to get sunburn than leg burn!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Freon

As I imagined, this is how it looked

My former co-employee Nitoy, a refrigerator and aircon technician once traveled to a rural area to attend to some customers' complaints. He brought along a metallic container for freon and other spare parts and materials for repair. It was a bit of a risky trip considering the recent ambush that happened near the area of his destination. Besides, the place was disturbed by some rebel attacks that time. But he had no choice. Every conveyance going to Lanao Del Norte must pass by that area. And so, boarding a full-packed jeepney (a type of conveyance), he put his things under his chair. Full-packed in the sense that some of the passengers were already sitting on top of the roof. As the jeepney was passing the very "quiet" place, the freon container suddenly exploded! It produced a very thick (but cold), white smoke. It's because, freon is supposedly to be kept on a cold or sheltered place to keep it cold. And since the flooring of the jeepney was very hot and it was already noontime, that caused it. All the passengers were very frightened and afraid. The driver stopped the engine and dove on the road and run. And all the other passengers jumped for their lives (LOL!) except Nitoy (of course, he knew it was his freon). He was left alone inside. Looking outside, he saw the people hiding behind the trees, others behind the big stones, eyes toward his direction. They thought it was another ambush. He said sorry to everyone (some got bruises). Good for him, he was not attacked by the other passengers. By the way, Nitoy already passed away years ago, but this is one story I couldn't forget about him.