Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Like Her?

Gep, my niece (daughter of my sis-in-law) is a very talkative li'l girl (6 years old). She often talks to herself in Tagalog dialect, inspired by some TV soap operas. If you'll observe her, well she's really a good actor, a drama princess who imitates the leading lady or the villain lol. But one thing I don't like about her is her attitude when she gets angry and doesn't get what she wanted. She'd cry or yell showing the 'no fear' attitude. Good thing she's afraid of me haha! One wrong word or action, I'll immediately correct her. I wouldn't tolerate her with that attitude as she'd grow up with a bad character. That's why she doesn't act that spoiled brat in my presence. One mealtime, my son commented on how noisy she is, that her voice is very irritating especially when she cries. I agreed, "Yeah, when she grows up and have a family of her own, she will be a noisy mom who'd always scold her children, blah blah blah like that." He replied, "Ah you mean, you were as noisy as Gep when you were a child, Ma?" Hubby laughed out loud (while I became speechless).