Saturday, August 1, 2009

To My Hometown

Tomorrow, my whole family will be travelling to Iligan City (my homewtown). It's the place where I've spent almost half of my life. I seldom come home because my time won't allow me to. But since the trip was scheduled two weeks ago, I was able to arrange my commitments so as not to create conflicts with my usual activities. We will try to catch an early bus tomorrow. I will be incharge of the program at 2:00 P.M. for my niece's birthday party. I was confident of accepting the task because I will be facing "small" audiences LOL! This will be my second time of hosting children's party. The first one was during my nephew's birthday. Well, my siblings trust me eh? By the way, I have a new newphew, the brother of the celebrator. Next year, they will be celebrating their birthdays together (God-willing) because my sister-in-law had her caesarian section on her daughter's birthday. That's the advantage of CS. One-time birthday party for two children. Anyways, we look forward to an enjoyable party and at the same time a reunion with my family, friends and relatives.