Friday, July 31, 2009

Remembering Dad

Today is my dad's 25th death anniversary. How time flies... I was just 15 years old when he left us (now you know how old I am LOL!). His death brought us some adjustments. Our eldest sister was in college that time. She became the "father" after that - waking up early to prepare our meals, taking care of the rest of her siblings (assisting mom).

Anyways, I recall that Dad was a good cook (while mom's the very opposite) because he once worked as a chef to his cousin's restaurant. He's also very fond of me, loved teasing me (especially when he's drunk) and he'd pinch my leg using his two toes! When he died, I cried the whole day. T'was so hard for me to accept the truth. I even "talked to him" after his burial asking him to show himself to me (horror!) Glad he didn't show up LOL! Had he been alive today, he'd be 80 years old already. He has not seen any of his grandchildren anymore.