Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Son's Short Vacation

Can you see the ants?

Yes, my son's spending a vacation during classes hahaha! Actually, I was the one whom my mom invited to join with their group (Boholano Association) for their 3-day tour but I declined because of some commitments and work. I suggested for Kent because he's not been there yet. I have visited the place 21 years ago! I was still a teenager that time but the memories are still there because I'm still young LOL! Anyways, my son's absent was only on Friday and tomorrow (2 days). We were just a bit worried because mom texted me he got sick as soon as they arrived Bohol. Thank God, he's recovering now, as laboratory tests showed there's nothing wrong, and nothing to worry. What must have caused the fever? I wonder...

Yesterday, they're on their 2nd day tour and they've been to Chocolate Hills and other beautiful tourist spots. I wonder why it's called "Chocolate Hills"? When I was a child I used to imagine going there and because I love chocolates, I imagined getting some parts of it and eat it! A friend told me also that that time, it was being attacked by millions of ants... What's funny is that, I believed him. Anyway, when I was able to go there myself, I said: "It's just mountains." But what's amazing is that how God designed those mountains. It's really wonderful! It's one of God's wonderful artworks.