Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zero Garbage?

Last week, I was the stenographer of the conference for the government’s project “Zero Basura (Garbage)” held in one of the prestigious hotels in the city. It was an interesting topic, but participants have different reactions on the issue. Of course, the project is very much inspiring. How we’d wish that the Philippines would be garbage-free! But, some say; how impossible would that be… there is always the problem on discipline and the system. On the government side, they are campaigning from the lowest local government units – up, for the implementation of the project. In fairness, a mayor in Linamon, Lanao Del Norte had been awarded for having the cleanest municipality in the province. I’ve been there myself during one of the DENR Secretary’s visits. Their garbage was odorless! They utilized everything… Well, I can say that with cooperation, encouragement and with the leaders’ initiatives, it can be done.