Friday, September 11, 2009

"Home" Alone

My officemates and me (2nd from right)

Yup, I'm alone in my third home - the office. All my officemates are out for a team building, or shall I say team bonding at Initao Natural Park. Actually, I was supposed to be with them but during the meeting/planning, the office's Chief announced that there should one personnel to report for office to attend to some clients. She was referring to our sickly personnel because she's concerned with her health. But, I saw how sad she was upon hearing it. So I volunteered myself to be left in the office. Anyway, I told myself, I've already experienced the canopy walk, swimming, etc. My officemate was very happy I gave in. And so the whole day, I am alone in the office. And I find it not so boring hehe because I've done so many things instead: reading, studying, etc. with of course a little (and no pressure) office works. Not to mention the relaxing hours LOL! Then of course, I've posted to my blog again, at last. I've missed blogging the past two weeks.