Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remembering My Dad

This picture was taken when my parents were into family planning yet LOL! I remember my mom telling me that at first they thought I would be the last one (youngest child) in the family. But since I insisted I wanted a baby sister or a brother, that’s why they added not just one, but two younger siblings for me to enjoy hehehe.

I liked it a lot when people tells me I look like my dad because I was a papa’s girl. I loved going out with him (in the market, barber shop, movies, etc). He’s also very lenient towards me. I don't remember him spanking me and that made me compare him from my mom who's very strict hehe. In fairness, I'm thankful for her being a disciplinarian because we really learned a lot from her. I couldn't imagine what kind of attitude we must have if my mom is as lenient as my dad.

Anyways, the only thing I hated with my dad was, when he comes home very drunk. One day his boss drove him home sleeping in his car. I sighed thinking how drunk he must have been. But we were just surprised that his boss (a doctor) made a U-turn because he only informed the family of my dad's situation: he had high blood pressure. They proceeded to the hospital. Though he discharged from the hospital after that, but his health had never been the same. His last hospitalization lasted for three weeks, then he passed away. I still miss him.

Mat. 19:19 "Honour thy father and thy mother: and, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Dear Friend's Bithday

It’s my friend’s birthday! So sad, I posted late already because of the same conflict I often blog about hehe. Anyway, it’s not yet too late.

I’m a person who can express my thoughts and heart more in writing and action than in words. So now, I take this opportunity to tell Mayette how thankful I am to the Lord for having her as my friend. I consider her one of the best friends I have (though we very seldom have bonding or outing together). She’s one whom I can truly trust when it comes to some personal matters. I can pour out my heart to her because she’s also a very good adviser. She’s frank and a very honest critic hehehe. But I truly appreciate her for being one. You will learn a lot from her even in fashions LOL! When persons misinterpret her, I come to the defense (sometimes without her knowledge). I just love this friend... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAI! My prayers are with you. God bless you more abundantly.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh, Brother!

These are my 'palangga' brothers (Mariano & Mark). During Mark's birthday 2 weeks ago, we retold some funny experiences we had when we were kids. We often do this 'recalling' everytime we (siblings) gather (we seldom see each other anymore).

When he was enrolling for kindergarten at St. Mary's College in Iligan City, he was to undergo sort of entrance exam. The nun asked him some questions for the Oral Exam like what's his name, address, age, etc. When he was asked: "What's the name of your father?" Mark (doing the sign of the cross): "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen..." He was admitted to the school.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My sister-in-law is fond of parties (aside of course from chatting on the net). I just couldn't advise her to come early because, as my hubby says, she's old enough to be responsible for herself. But I treat my in-laws as my own - but sadly, they're insensitive to my cares, or worse, misinterprets me.

Last week, my hubby came home past 1:00 AM from his night duty. We talked for a while, I told him his sis is not yet home. I guess we slept around 2:00 already. But when I woke up around 6:00AM, I went to the living room for my quiet time (as all were still sleeping). After praying, I checked on my kids' room, and found my sis-in-law already sleeping in the room! But the main and back doors were still close. We all wondered how she entered the house. The family discussed (and analyzed things hehe) while having breakfast. Until my hubby suggested to ask her personally and stop the guessing game.

As soon as she woke up, my hubby himself asked her. She answered; how thankful she is that she's so slim that she fitted in the hole in the wall! Ewww... Our dogs kept on scratching part of our wall that resulted to a hole big enough for them to enter in the house. The following day, she borrowed a cellphone and sent me a message that she'll be coming home and requested me to lock the door the way she can still open it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Mom Rocks!

Yes, that's her name (Raquel). This pic was taken during my niece's birthday party. Playing saxophone is one of her hobbies. She was a band member during her college years. We never thought that after decades, she still knows how to play it. One weekend my family visited her. We were surprised to see her playing the tune "Matud Nila," a very popular Visayan song. She told me she bought the instrument because she really missed playing with it.

Whenever somebody celebrates his/her birthday, she would play the world's most popular song "Happy Birthday" very early in the morning. The neighbors would then wonder who's celebrating the birthday. I'm so blessed with her doing this thing because she also offers special number for the Lord in their church. During some parties (she's a member of some organizations too), she's also being requested to present a number or two, in which she would gladly give in.

Yes, that's my Mom Rocks! I'm proud of her and I bless and thank God for giving her that talent. To Him be the glory!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Huhuhu I Bought An Ice Cream

My son was going to school at 1:00 p.m. When I checked my purse, I found out that I don't have coins or a little amount of bill to give him for his allowance. I kidded him to buy one gallon ice cream (so that I will have the change from my whole bill). But what's in my mind was one bar of laundry soap. He excitedly smiled. I told him I was only joking. He said, "ah, half-gallon?" I shook my head. He said, "ah, the smaller one?" This time I was already a bit bothered, I didn't want to disappoint him because I saw how excited he was already. I finally agreed. Huhuhu I thought I can only spend about P20.00 but I spent P95 for Magnolia ice cream. Oh, mothers...

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Lesson From The Flip-Flops

When I was maybe around 8 years old, my father bought me a new pair of yellow Spartan slippers. Yehey! Hmmm smells good! The following day, I saw that it's a bit soiled though it still smelled good. I took a knife and sliced it so it looked useless already, so that my father will buy another one. When I showed it to him he was so mad (unexpectedly)! He told me that it's so obvious that I intentionally cut it, so he won't buy me another pair of slippers. I didn't believe him. But the following day, still no slippers was given to me. I sat on the stairs watching my friends playing outside, running here and there. I envied of how much they're having fun that I almost cried. Of course, I won't join them without slippers because there are many very tiny worms on the ground (as what my mom told me), and I can't take the roughness of the ground. Aha! I got an idea.

Strategy #1 - Tin cans. I dented it to fit my feet. Ops, it didn't work. #2 - Cellophane. I wrapped my feet with it and locked it with rubber bands. Ouch! The ground is so rough. Then I tried #3 - Coconut shells. I put ropes on the holes. Yes! it worked. I was able to go near my friends. But it was only for a moment because the ropes hurt the spaces between my big toes and the second.

I begged my father to buy me another pair of slippers with all the tears and promises that I won't do it again. The following day, he handed me another good-smelling red Spartan slippers. Thank God! I'd always prefer using it. Have you tried one of my strategies?

How Many?

During yesterday's Mother's Day celebration, I recalled some of my mother's memorable experiences. Here's one:

Her co-teacher in the elementary school in the '70s who was always assigned to do the counting during calisthenics (after the flag ceremony) was asked to segregate the famous 'nutribun' to be delivered to the classrooms. Before that, She would transfer the bread from the sacks to big trays to check the quantity. When she was almost done with the first sack, she returned the buns back to the sack. The co-teacher wondered why. Here's how she counted: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, one, two....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I got this award from and Love of Lalaine's World and from Aiza as Little Singkit. Thanks for the award, Love & Aiz!

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Now i'm passing this award to my blogger-friends...Happy Blogging!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer Is It!

Indeed, we can feel the summer heat now. But, there are some places in the Philippines being hit by a storm. Thank God, it didn't reach Cagayan de Oro. We just find some solutions/remedies to fight the heat.

In Iligan City (where my family is), when we feel hot, we would often say; how nice is it to go to Timoga. And sometimes, we do go there just to be refreshed. Aside from the very cold spring waters in the pools, you will find the place very nice, you will really appreciate the nature, and be amazed by God's creations. Outside, there are lots of lechons - yummy! And, take note, it's less expensive compared to Cagayan de Oro's.

This is a good place for nature lovers. I also would recommend this place for family outing and swimming.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Mangima Adventure

This was our family's first Mangima Adventure (Mangima, Bukidnon) last month. My hubby was hired to sing on a Sunday afternoon to invite customers. They have new management now. My hubby agreed but requested that he'd bring the whole family for us to also enjoy the place. We travelled around one hour because of the road repairs, but when we got there, we forgot how tired we were because of the beautiful, quiet place.

The manager gave us some orientation about the place; that Mangima Adventure Challenge is being held every month of June, they have some animals now because they will eventually make it a zoo. Aside from that, they have four swimming pools and cottages (very affordable). Entrance fee is only P20 or P30 for adults and less P10 for children. This is an ideal place for family and friends whose planning for an outing and an adventure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The "Ukay-ukay" and the Shoes

Almost everyday an "Ukay-ukay" vendor comes to our office with two sacks or bags of assorted clothings. I picked one blouse because I was attracted with the color and glittering design. I recommended it to my officemate because it's nice but too small for me. She commented that it's nice to wear glittering clothes. I told her to match it with glittering shoes. We laughed.

I then told her of a story my mom once told me. In the '70s, her two sisters came home late at night from a party. They wore gowns and glittering shoes. Since that time there were no taxis or "tri-sikads" yet, they just walked from the national highway to their home, about 100 meters away. Unknowingly, there was a dog not far from them. Maybe attracted by their shoes it ran towards them! The two ladies then ran as fast as they could (despite the high heels)! They blamed the shoes for the incident and promised to remove them the next time they'd come home late.

We're 13 Years Already!

We're 13 years already and going strong (by God's grace)! I owe it all to God. Our marriage has gone through some ups and downs but God has been faithful and will always be faithful to us. Glory to God!

We didn't actually plan how we'd celebrate our anniversary, considering our finances... We just waited upon what the Lord might do. For us, having a meal with the whole family will be alright. My kids didn't remember what date yesterday. Surely, if they did, I know we'll receive some self-made cards, or whatever they could give to us (just like before). Around 6:00 p.m., a familiar voice outside called me. A friend of mine greeted me while opening her wallet. She gave me an amount as payment for her months long due. Halleluiah! I was really surprised, I didn't expect her to pay it anymore, but God is great! He is really an awesome God. So we did have a simple yet yummy anniversary dinner (Singaporean-type) and had Sorbetes ice cream as a dessert. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Touching

My son is into summer class for Math at the Southern de Oro Phillipines College. Oftentimes I remind him (and my daughter) to be serious with their studies. Now that he's into it, I begged him to study harder, and to try his best because the money to pay his tuition is not that easy to find, etc. etc. etc.

This afternoon, my officemate told me he's outside (peeping at the door). I asked him what does he wanted (I was expecting his usual response - additional money for snacks or for fare back home), and why did he come to me at 3:00 p.m. when he's supposed to be dismissed from class at 4:00. He answered; I need to pay even a partial of his tuition fee. I was surprised and I told him to promise his teacher that we'd pay tomorrow, instead. He insisted; NOW, or else he could not take the exam tomorrow. I told him he should have informed me earlier or yesterday for me to have prepared the cash. He answered: "I really wanted to, Ma, but when I saw your face last night you looked so pitiful, you were pondering and I just couldn't tell you the problem." Thank God, it's been solved. But, I learned a lesson; regarding the electric bills, etc. (which are parents' concerns) should not be shared with my children. A "little" reminder about cooperation will do.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Flag Ceremony

Every Monday is our office's convocation for flag ceremony. Program starts with the singing of our national anthem and ends with a closing prayer. We're all required to attend the program at exactly 8:00 a.m. But when I arrived the office, it was already 8:02. I was alone and I've decided not to attend anymore, anyway, I have lots of things to do. Later on, one-by-one my officemates arrived (also absent in the program). We agreed to just stay inside until the end of the convocation. What worries us was that our chief might scold us when she discovers that more than half of her staff were just inside. So, we listened outside for a while, waiting for the closing prayer. She has her own entrance/exit on the right side of the building. As soon as we heard the music (after the prayer), we all hurriedly ran outside (going the left side), just in time that our chief entered her room. When she went to the office, she thought that all of us attended the program because she didn't see anyone on their desk. Then slowly, one-by-one again, we entered the room as if nothing happened. Whew!

My Thoughtful Kids

Last Saturday evening, I noticed that my kids were very busy; borrowing my scotch tape, scissors, and asking for the extra gift wrapper. I didn't wonder that much because they usually do it because I guess one of their favorite subjects is Art. Until it was already very late (around 11:00 P.M.), I asked them what were they doing. They said they were wrapping their birthday gifts for their Ate Aiza which was on May 2. Maybe they were bothered that they haven't given a gift to her on that very special day. I panicked a bit, because they didn't ask for money to buy something. What did they wrap? When I checked, the gifts were already on the table. When I asked the boy what's inside it, he said it's the two bibles (small, blue, given by the Gideons), while the girl said she'd just give her red wallet to her because anyway she didn't use it anymore. It was a Christmas gift to her last year! I asked them not give them (with all the explanations why). They refused, until I told them I will look for something new to give to Aiza. When I checked my drawer, thank God I have extra Personal Collection bottles of baby cologne, a soap, etc. I picked the deodorant because she's not a baby anymore (for the cologne). They were so excited as they wrapped it. Aside from that, my little Honey made a "love letter" for her too. They really love their Ate.
I'm so blessed to have very thoughtful and loving children. Birthdays are really big deal to them. Now that my son's birthday is coming (May 29), I am already into planning how to make it special for him.

I'm Alive!

Oh yes! I'm alive...My blog is alive! My friends teased me for not updating my blog for one month to be exact. I've explained them though, that I can't make it at home because my sister-in-law is always "on guard" in the computer from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. at most. Kaya n'yo yan? While in the office also, people would use the computer every now and then. Let's see when I got a laptop (hehehe God-willing). Now, I really find time to update. I've missed blogging. Had lots of special things and events to write the past month. But anyway, I will still post some of it...Today, I'm so excited to see the flags already "running" haha!
I just wonder; would my one post for April affect my qualification for my applications...?

Another Goodbye?

Indeed, one of the hardest words to say is "goodbye." Last week, we said goodbye to my officemate who resigned to give way for her family. Part of her speech was; she really would love to focus her time to her family which is so precious to her. Everybody was obliged to say our parts too. On my short message, I told her not to put her family her number one priority. But, to put God in the center of her life, and so on. Last April (this year) also, one of our lawyers resigned and transferred to another office.
Everytime I say my "goodbyes" and "God bless-es", there's this sad part in my heart. Though they say they're just in the same city, but the thought of not seeing them often is different. Friends come and go.
Just today, I may not be saying "goodbye" literally (again), but I felt really sad that I texted my pastor that I'm feeling bad. Another sister informed me that their family will not be fellowshipping with us anymore. Her husband wanted to attend to another church near their house. And because of that, as a wife, she will just follow him. My tears almost fell. I sincerely will miss them. God bless them.