Monday, May 11, 2009

A Lesson From The Flip-Flops

When I was maybe around 8 years old, my father bought me a new pair of yellow Spartan slippers. Yehey! Hmmm smells good! The following day, I saw that it's a bit soiled though it still smelled good. I took a knife and sliced it so it looked useless already, so that my father will buy another one. When I showed it to him he was so mad (unexpectedly)! He told me that it's so obvious that I intentionally cut it, so he won't buy me another pair of slippers. I didn't believe him. But the following day, still no slippers was given to me. I sat on the stairs watching my friends playing outside, running here and there. I envied of how much they're having fun that I almost cried. Of course, I won't join them without slippers because there are many very tiny worms on the ground (as what my mom told me), and I can't take the roughness of the ground. Aha! I got an idea.

Strategy #1 - Tin cans. I dented it to fit my feet. Ops, it didn't work. #2 - Cellophane. I wrapped my feet with it and locked it with rubber bands. Ouch! The ground is so rough. Then I tried #3 - Coconut shells. I put ropes on the holes. Yes! it worked. I was able to go near my friends. But it was only for a moment because the ropes hurt the spaces between my big toes and the second.

I begged my father to buy me another pair of slippers with all the tears and promises that I won't do it again. The following day, he handed me another good-smelling red Spartan slippers. Thank God! I'd always prefer using it. Have you tried one of my strategies?