Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer Is It!

Indeed, we can feel the summer heat now. But, there are some places in the Philippines being hit by a storm. Thank God, it didn't reach Cagayan de Oro. We just find some solutions/remedies to fight the heat.

In Iligan City (where my family is), when we feel hot, we would often say; how nice is it to go to Timoga. And sometimes, we do go there just to be refreshed. Aside from the very cold spring waters in the pools, you will find the place very nice, you will really appreciate the nature, and be amazed by God's creations. Outside, there are lots of lechons - yummy! And, take note, it's less expensive compared to Cagayan de Oro's.

This is a good place for nature lovers. I also would recommend this place for family outing and swimming.