Thursday, May 7, 2009

The "Ukay-ukay" and the Shoes

Almost everyday an "Ukay-ukay" vendor comes to our office with two sacks or bags of assorted clothings. I picked one blouse because I was attracted with the color and glittering design. I recommended it to my officemate because it's nice but too small for me. She commented that it's nice to wear glittering clothes. I told her to match it with glittering shoes. We laughed.

I then told her of a story my mom once told me. In the '70s, her two sisters came home late at night from a party. They wore gowns and glittering shoes. Since that time there were no taxis or "tri-sikads" yet, they just walked from the national highway to their home, about 100 meters away. Unknowingly, there was a dog not far from them. Maybe attracted by their shoes it ran towards them! The two ladies then ran as fast as they could (despite the high heels)! They blamed the shoes for the incident and promised to remove them the next time they'd come home late.