Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Touching

My son is into summer class for Math at the Southern de Oro Phillipines College. Oftentimes I remind him (and my daughter) to be serious with their studies. Now that he's into it, I begged him to study harder, and to try his best because the money to pay his tuition is not that easy to find, etc. etc. etc.

This afternoon, my officemate told me he's outside (peeping at the door). I asked him what does he wanted (I was expecting his usual response - additional money for snacks or for fare back home), and why did he come to me at 3:00 p.m. when he's supposed to be dismissed from class at 4:00. He answered; I need to pay even a partial of his tuition fee. I was surprised and I told him to promise his teacher that we'd pay tomorrow, instead. He insisted; NOW, or else he could not take the exam tomorrow. I told him he should have informed me earlier or yesterday for me to have prepared the cash. He answered: "I really wanted to, Ma, but when I saw your face last night you looked so pitiful, you were pondering and I just couldn't tell you the problem." Thank God, it's been solved. But, I learned a lesson; regarding the electric bills, etc. (which are parents' concerns) should not be shared with my children. A "little" reminder about cooperation will do.