Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Puppies

Our local-bred dog Lalay just got hitched! Haha... There are five pups but only one is a "she". Everyone's excited but I am a bit worried for the future feeding. The rice is expensive eh. I told Nante's brother who too is excited, that I will be giving them away after two months. He said they will just help us by giving some rice. So? Meaning he doesn't want the pups be given away. It's good that his wife is working in a restaurant so every night she can bring home some leftovers.
By the way, I will be naming them 1-Darlene (as in Szchech - do I spell it correctly?), 2-Tom (Tommy Walker), 3-Paul (Paul Wilbur), 4-Don (Don Moen) and 5-Ron (Ron Kenolly). Wouldn't it be nice? Nante said he pitied the songleaders. Their names would become pet names. But I insist.

I Have A New Nephew

I missed blogging the past two days. Been busy in the hospital assisting my brother whose wife was to undergo a caesarian section. The night before the operation schedule he contacted me. I was worried because it's gonna be too late for room reservation in the Provincial Hospital. As I was requesting my neighbor to help us reserve a room for them the following day, I felt God's intervention. Of course, because I was really praying for God's favor; that they'd be accommodated in that government hospital.

I pitied the couple because their former doctor advised them to prepare P90,000! They panicked of course. I thought, it can already build a small house. At least, if they can be admitted in that hospital, they could really save much. So what I did was to pray, and contact some friends who could assist us.

As me and Nante headed for the hospital the following day (on a motorcycle), I didn't stop praying for God's favor. His message was; His favor will upon me for 2009! Imagine, at that moment I was only asking favor for that specific situation but His answer was for the whole year. Until this posting, I still control my tears everytime I remember His goodness.

Praise the Lord! When we got to the hospital, my sister-in-law Mitchelle was already being prepared to be headed to the Operating Room. I approached her and helped her remove her clothes. Since she had dextrose, it would take minutes to remove everything. So I took the opportunity to pray for her and the baby while changing her clothes to hospital gown.

To make the story short, the operation was successful, the baby was out around 11:30 A.M. Oh boy! He's so cute! Very white in complexion and he's big - the reason why the mother must be operated. Today, they will be discharged from the hospital.

I thank God for His intervention and favor.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Problem Child?

This day is also a very "heavy" day for me. Before office time, I went to see my son's teacher. He's in first year high school at the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCS) whew! A long name... Anyway, as I met his teacher face to face, I was shocked to hear her news:

1. He's not doing his projects, assignments, class activities, etc.

2. He doesn't have grades for the 2nd grading (this is because he was transferred from his "terror" teacher and there were some problems already regarding his writing habits and class attitude (no projects, etc.). His teacher can't compute his grade because quizzes, projects and assignments from the previous teachers were not submitted to his present teacher.

3. For English subject alone, I was shown her (teacher's) class record and my eyes grew bigger (admittedly) when I saw the blank columns (around 20) - list of quizzes scores. He only had one! - and it's a failure. O c'mon... What on earth had he been doing the past ten months?! I know it's only less than two months for the school year to end. The teacher told me that I know my son from head to foot, I should know what's his problem. I know Kent is really so lazy when it comes to writing. That has been his attitude ever since he entered elementary school.

To sum it up, his 1st grading period has two failing grades and two "no grades." 2nd grading - no quizzes, only periodical test results (mostly failed), and 3rd grading - incomplete projects, failed in quizzes and periodical tests. My heart was so heavy. I pity my son, but he left me no choice. I've decided to let him stop schooling immediately. What for? His chances for passing this year is very, very, very slim. Well, as the song goes, "his teardrops fell like rain that day." He said he's afraid of his Papa. I told him, "If you're afraid of him, why did you not study seriously?" He cried harder as I mentioned the words "stop schooling" over and over. I know he'd have a hard time to cope with the passing grades. It's too late.

As I went home, I was asking God, "Am I a failure?" I'm ashamed of myself. My job is okay, I am a pastor - and yet on my motherhood...? Oh God. What adds to the heaviness inside me is that I can't cry it over my husband. I don't want to show him how I am feeling inside. Why? To protect Kent. Because when I have this look, the tears, he might punish Kent badly. I was crying in the inside only. I told him as an introduction, "Love, your (sort of) warning for Kent to stop schooling has come true." He can see on my face "It's okay, we'll try again next school year." But it's NOT an easy feeling, it's a big decision - but again, there's no choice.

As I was preparing to report to the office after lunch (still with a heavy heart), my daughter Honey(tweet) excitedly showed me her perfect and high scores! Including her Art project which is Very Good! Indeed it looked good. She's really artistic. I commented, "Praise the Lord... Yes, you two are just the opposite!" I noticed, hey, there's a 'balance' somewhere...I stopped when I remembered that it's not good for parents to compare their children... Maybe, I guess, I'm not really that 'a failure'.
Again, I entrust everything to God.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Net In The House

Everybody in the house was so excited today. And why not? My sister (in-law) had applied internet connection (Smart Bro). According to her she can save around P2,000.00 for the connection compared to her nightly (as in every night!) of going to internet cafe's in which she pays P15.00/per hour. Hmm.. sometimes she spends 3 hours there. Yeah, practical right? That's why her boyfriend, a US military sent her some remittances for this internet thing, and, for etc. etc.- like additional monthly bills (electric and internet).. The problem with our computer is that the fonts are very "giant"! Me and my hubby did some clickings here and there just trying to solve the problem. However, until now, I'm facing the big words (literally). Well, it's good for the eyes. But I guess, it's my CPU - an older version hehehe... So tonight, it's past 12MN and I'm so glad I can post my blogs from our house. Unlike in the mornings or office hours, I only post my blogs when I'm not busy or when my boss is far from me, and only on weekdays. Now, even during weekends I can make some postings. Oh well, only when my sister-in-law is not using it. oowww.... So bloggers, watch out for more of me... and know more of me... God bless!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh No!

Yesterday, I asked some computer encoders in our office for an installer disc for Office 98. One encoder told me that the only available disc is Office 2007. Well, I still borrowed it. When my lawyer-officemate installed it, I was so excited. But she warned me what might be the possibilities. She told me, "What if the Word, Excel, etc. has new styles? Then you will ask me to uninstall?" I said, "No, I can handle it. Just go on, install it."

Today, I was so excited to open and check my files, how would the Word and Excel look like... When I opened my previous file, the office's logo file has NO LOGO at all! I was a bit panic but tried my best not to be noticed by my officemates. Yes, the files are there but all of them has no logo! O c'mon... Someone noticed me and asked why I was printing so many pages of logos and no entries. I told her the truth. She told my other officemates then. I thought I told her just to keep it just between us... Now, I'm begging for my lawyer-officemate to settle the matter.

Anyway, I learned my lesson - "Be contented with what you have!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Weather

As I observed the weather this day, it's still raining and windy. I recalled one of my favorite songs in my elementary grades. The lyrics goes like this:

"The Weather"
Whether the weather be fine or
Whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold or
Whether the weather be not
Will ever the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not!
Exactly! We could not choose the weather, right? Well, whether we like it or not. When it's hot, we wished it would be cold. When it's cold, we find ways to feel hot. Oh, people...

Bad Weather

At the start of the year (2009) Cagayan de Oro and other areas in Mindanao experienced calamities - flash floods on the 3rd day of January, and again on the 10th, damaging most major roads, bridges and homes in Cagayan de Oro. There were two casualties (in the city and Iligan City). People close to me were greatly affected - our church pastor and his in-laws. Water almost reached the roof of Nanay Inday. Thank God, on the second flood, their place was spared. Waters were everywhere. Praise the Lord, we were not that affected (except about 5 inches of water on the roads). We're located near an elementary public school (North City Central) where some families who're greatly affected were temporarily housed. On Monday, some schools suspended their classes until this day. Thank God, as of this posting, the weather is better. No more rains except that it's still cloudy and windy. I was also busy monitoring on Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights because my sister, who's working with Holcim Cement will be travelling to Manila for a corporate meeting. I learned that some flights were cancelled, and the management could not give exact details on their schedule because they were depending on the weather condition. But one special flight was able to leave at 10:00 in the morning for Manila. As of now, people are hoping and praying that the weather will be okay so the waters will not rise up (again). Most of my officemates in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) were affected and they did not report for work to arrange things and for a general cleaning. But even then, THANKS BE TO GOD. The word of the Lord says, "In everything give thanks."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Edited Photo

I'm so glad I learned how to upload my photo from my cellular phone. I disliked my photo posted because it's so small. Thanks to my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Last December I was planning to buy a digicam (even a cheaper one) as a gift for myself. Two weeks before Christmas, Nante (my husband) invited me to join him window-shopping for cellular phones. We've been to some small stalls at Ororama Superstore and Gaisano. As he checked on each unit he liked, I'd just take a quick look at it (feeling bored). Suddenly he asked me to give him an additional cash because he had savings out of his night job (singing). I was surprised because I never thought we'd be buying an expensive item that day. Well, finally, I gave in. He was so happy because he like cyber-shot thing. The phone model is K550i. When I tried uploading two photos yesterday, I was satisfied because it reflected a very clear image. Thanks God. At least, it pays... I said to myself, this is it. I will not buy a digicam anymore (yet). I love photography. I like volunteering as photographer when there are special occasions in the family. Though I also like being photographed hehe... I just regret I haven't taken some pictures on some Christmas parties in church, in Iligan City and in our office. Anyway, lots of special events are coming my way... Let's wait and shoot!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Praise God! Christmas vacation was very well spent... We travelled to the "Industrial City" of the South (Iligan) on the 24th of December to catch the Christmas eve. My family were very happy to see us (me, Nante and the kids - Kent and Honey). Gifts were all over the christmas tree. I passed near it so I can peep on the names on it hehe. Indeed, there's my name! There's for Nante (Ben), Honey and Kent too. I secretly went to our room (for that vacation) and wrapped our gifts for them too, while my sister and her husband - (who's a good cook too) were busy preparing for the traditional Noche Buena. The gifts I received from them? Bag - from my sister and shoes - from my mother. The kids and Nante were also very happy for their gifts. At 12:00 MN there were fireworks outside, but it's not as many as in Cagayan de Oro... maybe it's because it's being controlled by the local government due to the bomb incidents that happened a week before. In fact that time, there were still bomb threats. But we were not that afraid, as a matter of fact, we went to the famous Timoga swimming pool on Christmas day. There were many people in the area even though it's the place of the President's ancestral home (also received bomb threats before). It's just that the security personnel were very strict, they really open our baggage including our plastic utensils container.. People were swimming here and there because one place has I think 6 swimming pools (for kids and adults). When we went home around 4:00 PM, we went to our room and slept until 6:00. I thought the kids were "flat" on their beds too, but my mother said it's only the adults who rested. The kids were just playing! Oh, the energy... On the 26th me and my hubby went home to Cagayan de Oro. We left the kids in Iligan City because my nephew, Yanyan will be celebrating his 4th birthday on the 28th yet. They told us that they only had lunch for the birthday but on the 29th they again went swimming, this time at Maze Park where there are some swimming pools too. Indeed, Iligan City has plenty of waters haha! Well, we did some household chores during the vacation. It's the longest Christmas vacation so far... Praise the Lord!