Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Praise God! Christmas vacation was very well spent... We travelled to the "Industrial City" of the South (Iligan) on the 24th of December to catch the Christmas eve. My family were very happy to see us (me, Nante and the kids - Kent and Honey). Gifts were all over the christmas tree. I passed near it so I can peep on the names on it hehe. Indeed, there's my name! There's for Nante (Ben), Honey and Kent too. I secretly went to our room (for that vacation) and wrapped our gifts for them too, while my sister and her husband - (who's a good cook too) were busy preparing for the traditional Noche Buena. The gifts I received from them? Bag - from my sister and shoes - from my mother. The kids and Nante were also very happy for their gifts. At 12:00 MN there were fireworks outside, but it's not as many as in Cagayan de Oro... maybe it's because it's being controlled by the local government due to the bomb incidents that happened a week before. In fact that time, there were still bomb threats. But we were not that afraid, as a matter of fact, we went to the famous Timoga swimming pool on Christmas day. There were many people in the area even though it's the place of the President's ancestral home (also received bomb threats before). It's just that the security personnel were very strict, they really open our baggage including our plastic utensils container.. People were swimming here and there because one place has I think 6 swimming pools (for kids and adults). When we went home around 4:00 PM, we went to our room and slept until 6:00. I thought the kids were "flat" on their beds too, but my mother said it's only the adults who rested. The kids were just playing! Oh, the energy... On the 26th me and my hubby went home to Cagayan de Oro. We left the kids in Iligan City because my nephew, Yanyan will be celebrating his 4th birthday on the 28th yet. They told us that they only had lunch for the birthday but on the 29th they again went swimming, this time at Maze Park where there are some swimming pools too. Indeed, Iligan City has plenty of waters haha! Well, we did some household chores during the vacation. It's the longest Christmas vacation so far... Praise the Lord!