Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Puppies

Our local-bred dog Lalay just got hitched! Haha... There are five pups but only one is a "she". Everyone's excited but I am a bit worried for the future feeding. The rice is expensive eh. I told Nante's brother who too is excited, that I will be giving them away after two months. He said they will just help us by giving some rice. So? Meaning he doesn't want the pups be given away. It's good that his wife is working in a restaurant so every night she can bring home some leftovers.
By the way, I will be naming them 1-Darlene (as in Szchech - do I spell it correctly?), 2-Tom (Tommy Walker), 3-Paul (Paul Wilbur), 4-Don (Don Moen) and 5-Ron (Ron Kenolly). Wouldn't it be nice? Nante said he pitied the songleaders. Their names would become pet names. But I insist.