Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Net In The House

Everybody in the house was so excited today. And why not? My sister (in-law) had applied internet connection (Smart Bro). According to her she can save around P2,000.00 for the connection compared to her nightly (as in every night!) of going to internet cafe's in which she pays P15.00/per hour. Hmm.. sometimes she spends 3 hours there. Yeah, practical right? That's why her boyfriend, a US military sent her some remittances for this internet thing, and, for etc. etc.- like additional monthly bills (electric and internet).. The problem with our computer is that the fonts are very "giant"! Me and my hubby did some clickings here and there just trying to solve the problem. However, until now, I'm facing the big words (literally). Well, it's good for the eyes. But I guess, it's my CPU - an older version hehehe... So tonight, it's past 12MN and I'm so glad I can post my blogs from our house. Unlike in the mornings or office hours, I only post my blogs when I'm not busy or when my boss is far from me, and only on weekdays. Now, even during weekends I can make some postings. Oh well, only when my sister-in-law is not using it. oowww.... So bloggers, watch out for more of me... and know more of me... God bless!