Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh No!

Yesterday, I asked some computer encoders in our office for an installer disc for Office 98. One encoder told me that the only available disc is Office 2007. Well, I still borrowed it. When my lawyer-officemate installed it, I was so excited. But she warned me what might be the possibilities. She told me, "What if the Word, Excel, etc. has new styles? Then you will ask me to uninstall?" I said, "No, I can handle it. Just go on, install it."

Today, I was so excited to open and check my files, how would the Word and Excel look like... When I opened my previous file, the office's logo file has NO LOGO at all! I was a bit panic but tried my best not to be noticed by my officemates. Yes, the files are there but all of them has no logo! O c'mon... Someone noticed me and asked why I was printing so many pages of logos and no entries. I told her the truth. She told my other officemates then. I thought I told her just to keep it just between us... Now, I'm begging for my lawyer-officemate to settle the matter.

Anyway, I learned my lesson - "Be contented with what you have!"