Friday, February 27, 2009


Last Monday I had several calls from my cellular phone during office hours. I noticed that when I’d answer it, it’s very noticeable because silence is being observed in our division. So I had to go out and answer the calls either in the lobby or at the front of the building.

As I was answering Nanay Inday’s call (I can’t remember what we were talking about then), I’ve said, “Ok Nay, Yes Nay” maybe four to five times. When we’re done with our conversation I turned the phone off. When suddenly, the lady Regional Technical Director (RTD) or one of the next in rank to the Regional Executive Director appeared in front of me and said, “Hoy, iha ano’ng ginagawa mo dyan?” (Hey, what are you doing?). To my surprise, I answered, “Oh hi Nay!” I was so ashamed. Everybody calls her Ma’am or Madam, and I called her Nanay (mother). There really are times when we’re caught unprepared. What made me more ashamed was, I wasn’t able to tell her I was sorry because she walked straightly and I just stood still – shocked.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Funny Experience

Last time I posted about a funny incident about my blouse which was worn the other way. This is another experience (related to it) I’ll share:

Just a month ago, Sunday, my whole family went dining out to Jollibee (you know, kids’ favorite). We entered Limketkai mall and walked around 50 ft., I guess, before we reached the fastfood center. Since it was Sunday, people were everywhere, we’ve got to be careful not to bump with anybody. As we neared the place, I saw a vacant table at the corner. I told them to hurry up before somebody can occupy it. And so we got it! After getting their orders, I stood in queue for our orders. When I was back to our table, my hubby said, “Are you wearing your blouse properly?” When I bowed to see why, I found out that it was worn the other way! Huh! The threads are there! I did not finish my food yet, I hurriedly headed to the restroom, trying to avoid the people I’d meet, people behind me and those at my sides. When I was back to the table, we were all laughing. I told my husband how ashamed I was. I then recalled which way did we go, and thought about how many people could have noticed it.. How could I? I don't know why this often happens. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it, it hurts to admit, my "little" clumsiness.. LOL

Gift From God

Last week (Saturday), I and my hubby went canvassing for a computer CPU when outside the store I saw a printing press. I remembered that I had to canvass for my Bible “repair” also because some pages (maybe five) were detached when it fell on the floor. So I crossed the street and asked how much it would cost me. I was told it would be rebound (hard bound) after the pages are back to its original places. They will charge P250.00 but after some bargaining, the lady said it can be reduced to P230.00. My, it’s as good as buying a new one! I just told them I’d be back when I got the amount.

The following day, Sunday, I was installed as the pastor-in-charge of the Jesus The Shepherd Church. (I will post about this next time). After our Head Pastor announced my installation, he gave me a certificate (in frame) and a NEW BIBLE! I was soooo happy… Now, I enjoy reading it, especially it has large script and the words of Jesus in red letters. Isn’t God amazing? He really knows not only my desires but my wants and needs. Praise Him!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nursing Board Exam.

Was doing report (minutes of the meeting) during the office union’s general assembly today when my officemates requested to me to browse on the net the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam. result. I was also excited to do so because I know of some friends who took the said board exam. It took about five minutes to have finally opened it. Excitedly I opened for my friend’s name first (of course). They had to wait because I’m the computer encoder hehehe. Tadan! Praise God her name was there! I could also feel (imagine) how excited she’d have been. I immediately sent her my congratulatory message and told our pastor about the news... But I pity my other friend who did not make it (this time).

One officemate of mine commented; those people who took the exam. will surely travel and work abroad. Well, it’s a common thinking. When I told my husband out it, he also thought she’d travel abroad. Let’s just wait and see. We don’t know her plan and God’s.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Blessing

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s (Honeytweet) school to submit a letter-request for my son’s Form 137. As I was heading to the Office of the Principal, I noticed there were two streamers in front of the building. I remembered then that my daughter was one of the participants in a Math competition. Then indeed, I saw her name on the Grade III Level. It’s really easy to notice your own hehe. I immediately took a picture on it. She made me (and her dad) proud again. We’re praying for her to be the 1st honors at the end of the school year. I am very happy that God has blessed me with gifted children (in different packaging). All glory and honor belongs to Him. By the way, my husband is gifted too hehe. Praise the Lord!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Short, Shorter, Shortest

Last week, i blogged about my new hairstyle last week, and the picture in green blouse is how I look now. See the difference; from short, shorter, shortest. I like changing my hair (color and style). When I was on my high school and college years I’m up-to-date with the latest hair trends. I remember in 1980’s, I had the “Telephone wire”, “egg tray”, etc. hehehe… In the 90’s I was inspired with the hit movie “Ghost” so I had the Demi Moore haircut (barber cut). But I don’t like my hair long because I have what they call ‘natural’ – natural curl. Maybe it’s the reason why my daughter has curly hair.

Now, some of my friends (including my husband) commented, they don’t like it black, they prefer the blonde. Actually, I used the brown dye, but when I was done coloring, I was surprised to see it’s black. Maybe it’s pirated hahaha!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Relief Day!

I’m happy about my sister Lenore. At last, after three months of suffering, her leg’s ‘cement’ will be removed tomorrow. What a relief it would be for all of us. She is in a very uncomfortable situation since November 13, 2008. It all started with JUST a skipping rope. Her tendon ruptured because she’s overweight (like me) and she aimed for 100 jumps. It happened before she reached 100. She underwent an operation and my mom had spent much for it. Not only that, she also watches over her and assists her in going to the restroom, to the kitchen, etc. One time, she told me she’s crying because my sister complained that her leg was aching, and she doesn’t know what to do anymore. I just gave her some encouragements. So, tomorrow is gonna be a RELIEF DAY! Praise the Lord.

Funny Message

Was lying on my bed tonight when I got a text message from my mom. I rose up and after reading it, I laughed. Know why? Here’s her message:

People getting older has many blessings:

1. SILVER hair

2. GOLDEN teeth

3. kidney STONES

4. SUGAR in the blood

5. OIL on the face and

6. GAS in the stomach

And the advise – be careful, I might be kidnapped!

Well, it was just an advance Valentine greeting…

Sad Ending

I’ve recently followed a Korean TV series, “Money War.” It's enjoyable because it’s funny, interesting and has even lessons in life. The actors are good; you’ll really admire the lead star and hate the villains. Last night I missed watching it because I slept earlier (unexpectedly). And tonight I learned that it’s gonna be the last night. I eagerly watched and was excited to learn that the two main stars are getting married… when suddenly the villain arrived and murdered the groom! Oh, c’mon… This is the kind of endings that I hate. I like movies with happy endings only (ask my husband hehe). In fairness, there's still a good lesson at the end of the story: Never greed for money - it kills.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Road Incident

Cagayan de Oro City is a very nice place to live in. (I'll be posting more about it next time). But one of the things I dislike is the heavy traffic. Everytime we go out with my hubby on a motorcycle, I never forget to pray for protection. One time we visited our lot in Balulang when Nante happened to bump a man! I was wondering how it happened when he (a ‘kundoktor’) was facing toward our direction. Well, his focus was on the lady who crossed the street… Thank God, we only hit his arm. I was so shocked I felt my face turned red and I could hear my heartbeat. What makes me nervous in incidents like this is the possibility of some troubles (arguments, possible fight, the hospital bills, etc.) – God forbid! Praise God, he was okay, I know, because he remained standing after what happened. Whew! But I appreciated my hubby’s reaction that moment. After a short discussion on the matter (both with soft and calm voices), he just told the man, “I’m sorry.” And we proceeded to the area... My point is; if you drive, you've got to have patience, if you don't have, well, learn to have one.

My Belated Birthday Gift

Last week I blogged about my simple treat to my hubby who celebrated his birthday on the 3rd of February. I haven’t given him my birthday present yet because of my hectic schedule. He himself requested for the Tribu sandals but doesn’t want to buy the item by himself. This afternoon we intentionally went to their warehouse during my noonbreak because they close before 5:00 P.M.

Tribu is a local word for Tribe. In fact, the sandals’ models are the names of the different tribes in the Philippines (e.g. Subanon, Manobo, etc.). The designs are good for outdoor activities. It took him more than an hour to decide (he’s really like that). Guess he tried 6-7 pairs before finally picking up his choice (and mine). The result? I was late in coming back to the office. But it’s okay. Better late than no gift.

Thankful Wednesday

I got excited again this morning because my daughter requested me to prepare her complete uniform because she will be receiving her award – first honors (for the third grading period). The joy of motherhood… Hastily, I went to their room and ironed them, polished her shoes and requested her to look for her socks ‘cause I don’t know where she put them.

If only I had the chance, I would love to see her go up the stage and receive her certificate while I take the pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it because of my work in which I should be in by 7:30 a.m. So I just hugged and kissed her and told her that I’m so proud of her and encouraged her to maintain her good grades so that at the end of the school year she can get the first honors (again). Isn’t God amazing?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Look

My boss did not report for office this morning because she’s sick. I took the chance to go to one of my trusted beauticians. His parlor is located just near the marketplace. I disliked the length already because the bangs covers my eyes so I had to comb it sideways (yuks!) to give way for my sight. After giving him (a gay) the instructions and asking his opinion on what style fits me, in about 10 minutes, ka-blam! My hair’s done. It’s very short now, nape level. And tonight, while watching TV I remembered my mother gave me a pack of hair dye. She knew I need it most because my gray hairs are very evident. And so I did the dyeing by myself... A new look tomorrow…

My Son's Back!

Last week was a stressful one for me because even it’s our (my hubby and me) decision to let our son stop schooling because of some reasons, I was thinking about the situation everyday. Until last Sunday, my sister in church who works in his school approached me and told me she had talked with my son’s teacher. The latter accordingly advised me to let Kent go back to school because it’s merely less than two months for the school year to end.

After a heart-to-heart talk with him (and his dad), we’ve decided to let him take the second chance. Not a second chance. Before leaving for school, I prayed for him and the teachers (for their favor). I understand his feelings (he’s so ashamed to go back). I told him that it’s only for that day and the following day won’t be the same. I talked with his teacher for minutes and there're some compromises. I made an excuse letter because he’s been absent for one week already.

Praise the Lord, when he came home that day, the first thing I noticed was his big smile. I got it! I'm glad he's back (to school)! Now, we’re into coping with the lessons that he missed - and we’ll do the coping together. After all, it pays to sacrifice for our loved ones. Right?

Monday, February 9, 2009

What's In My Pocket?

I was in my office this afternoon when, I noticed something's in my pocket... I took it and know what I got? A necklace with a heart pendant. I remembered, my daughter Honeytweet gave it to me earlier. I was even wondering why she gave me this. Suddenly I remembered, oh! in less than a week is gonna be a Valentine's Day... (Sometimes I tend to forget some special occasions as this). I could see her excitement as she herself put it on my neck and greeted me advance Happy Valentine's Day. I thanked her and told her that I could use it everyday because after the Valentine's Day, I will put my ID card in it. I asked her why she spent her 'baon' to buy the necklace. She said, "It's okay ma, it's only P2.00. When she went out for school, I took it off and put it in my pocket.

When I saw it this afternoon, I was so touched and was bothered by my conscience because she didn't know I took it off. But I'm wearing it now. I want my daughter to know how much I appreciate her gift to me no matter how simple or how inexpensive it may be. After all, it's the thought that counts!

A Levi's Pants For A Respiratory System

I’m a person who is not that brand conscious. I’d rather prefer cheaper but nice things than brands. Though, admittedly, I also like owning branded clothes and other things, and in fact, I have a few (too few to mention hehehe). I know of some friends who really sacrifice the price for considering the brands. My brother once gave me a pair of shirts and warns that I should take care of it because it’s branded. Meaning, it’s expensive.

Just this morning, my officemate requested me to research for The Respiratory System (her daughter’s assignment). I then searched it in the internet, copied and printed it. When I gave her the papers, she handed me a grocery bag containing something. I whispered, “What’s this?” She replied that it’s for me. I clapped my hands (quietly) and thanked her; even I haven’t seen what’s inside it yet.

When I reached home I excitedly opened it and found a Levi’s pants! I exclaimed, “Yes!” It’s what I got in exchange for the respiratory organ. I thanked God for the blessing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Pays To Laugh

This morning before our Sunday service, I was irritated upon entering the hotel because of the conflict in the room arrangements. The hotel personnel were accommodating the Mercury Drug employees and that they just can’t give us the other vacant rooms beside them on the ground floor. It really annoyed me. With the look on my face, my sisters couldn’t help but notice that there’s something wrong. I told them the reason. Somebody commented, it’s okay because anyway I look pretty. I smiled and thanked her for the compliment, but that I still feel bad. While walking up the stairs heading to our room assignment, sister Liza (who happened to be the one who gave me the blouse I was wearing), asked me, “Is it (blouse) really worn this way?” When I faced the big mirror fronting the stairs, I was shocked to discover that I was wearing it the other way! I really laughed so hard. I was so embarrassed. I begged her to cover the little adornment at my back (which is supposed to be at the front) until we reached the restroom. Gone are my bad feelings that very moment (thanks to Liza). Indeed, “laughter is the best medicine”.

I also had another experience similar to this. I will post it next time.

Look Ma, The Puppies Have Eyes!

Last week I posted about our five new puppies whose names are gonna be the Christian songleaders. They’re now three weeks old (more or less). When my daughter checked them yesterday, she excitedly exclaimed, “Look ma, the puppies have eyes already!” I laughed when I knew that she merely meant that their eyes are already open. The pups are also crawling now and we have a hard time keeping them in one place for them to be safe. The mother dog Lalay is already getting lean. Who wouldn’t be? Commented my hubby; if you have five kids sucking for milk every now and then…Well, he has a point.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yes, I Made It!

Yehey! I’m so excited (again)! Last night I only had one post because I explored the Blogspot. Being new in this hobby, I try hard to learn more. I envy my friends whose sites are very cute. I tried creating a Cbox last week but I haven’t followed the instructions well so it was unsuccessful. Well, never surrender… Last night I tried again and praise God, I was able to create my Cbox and even the Neocounter. Oh yes, I made it!

Now I know how it feels when you see the monitors on the Neocounter increasing and seeing some comments from different friends, though as of now, I only have two messages in it yet. Understandably, because I only created it a day ago. I like it very much. Receiving messages is exciting and heartwarming. I welcome your comments, bloggers.

Well, I’m glad that “I belong!”hehehe

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Simple Treat

Last Tuesday was my hubby’s birthday. As what I’ve planned, a simple celebration will do. Anyway, he is practical when it comes to treats. Or, maybe he’s just thrifty. At noon break I sent him a message for us to go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant. When we reached the place I immediately approached the cashier but he suddenly whispered that we’ll just go to a fastfoods instead. It’s just the same feeling when you’re full, he said. Well, without waiting for the other waitresses to entertain us, we hurried for the door and proceeded to a nearby restaurant.

In the evening we went to buy a kilo of lechon (for a change) and two other viands because we’ve had enough of chicken for that week already. We invited his brother’s family who just live next to us. There were only about ten people (including children) present. We sang the most famous song in the whole world, “Happy Birthday.” He told me that despite the simple preparation, he enjoyed the day. He then kissed me and whispered the sweetest words “???” and thanked me.

It’s fulfilling to see my husband happy. And I know, many wives feel that way too, right wives?

Coke, Tea and Water

As I arrived the office this morning, I opened my can containing bags of tea, sachets of 3-in-1 coffee and soya powdered milk. I took the Lipton Tea (Clear Green Flavor) and prepared a cup of the tea. I would then make another cup or two of the same bag. Good it can make up to three. Talk about saving...

One time, my officemate remarked that it’s really good for me to take tea regularly rather than Coke. They named me Ms. Coke already because when there’s Coke during snacks or lunch I wouldn’t refuse the offer to drink. After the eating session if the bottle still has contents, they’d put it on my table! Or they’ll tell me to drink some more or consume it rather than flush it in the toilet (they know I like Coke that much). Sometimes I would either refuse to drink some more or I’d bring it home for Nante and the kids.

Frankly, I have some fears also because I know the disadvantages, of course. Our pastor also gave us a printout of a newspaper with the article, “Coke or Water?” Reading it made me realize the dangers and disadvantages. In fact, I didn’t hear of any advantages at all LOL. Before, I can drink one or two glasses of Coke. There were even times when Nante and I consumed one liter (just the two of us, take note)! But now, I’d try to limit it to ¾ of a glass or the most, one full glass. After drinking, I would take two glasses of water. Hope it’ll work. Water is still the best (I know that). Well, we just have to remind ourselves that, everything in excess is bad.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby's Kidney Problem

Early this morning my brother texted me that his newborn son was diagnosed as having problem with his kidney. The ultrasound report showed there’s something black in the left kidney. The pediatrician then referred them to a kidney specialist. I pitied Mark very much because if all his children were alive, he’d have three in all.

The first was miscarried at 3 months during pregnancy, the second baby was born at exactly 9 months but unfortunately he only lived less than 24 hours because of abnormalities: his stomach was hallow when it was x-rayed. It was found out that the small and big intestines were all inside his lungs. Now that they finally have their 3rd child (but their first), Mark is very much sad about Micquel’s situation. He may already have phobia and trauma from his previous experiences.

As a sister, it’s also very sad on my part. I pity him especially when he said that he cried when the doctor said that the baby must undergo an operation. Money can be produced but the life of the baby is at stake. Again, the best thing we could do is to PRAY.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream House

One of my biggest dreams is to own a house. Even a simple house will do as long as I can call it my or our own. Well, who wouldn't want a house, anyway? It took us years of planning about this dream. When we travel to Iligan City or in other places I would look at the window to see the different house designs. I would then tell Nante which one I like and that I want our house to look like it. And guess what? God uses someone to bless us and slowly make this dream into a reality. It started by her initial offer of having the lot fenced. We ourselves couldn't believe at first because the sponsor wouldn't tell us frankly what she's planning. She offered her assistance in a subtle conversation and agreement. She just told us to have it fenced and suddenly she asked us to accompany to the lumber yard and then she ordered some woods, bought some nails and even padlock! For the fence, the bamboos were given us by Koko's father (thanks!), so we only spent for the hauling and the rest, including labor was free (a blessing). As of this moment we are into praying and praying for God to seal the financer's money so that the enemy cannot steal or take it away. Last week she sent me text message complaining that the area is not yet cleared so how could she buy hollow blocks, sand and gravel. I convinced and assured her that in less than three days it will be cleared. At this time, we are in the stage of planning for the house design but our fence is done! Thank God. I know some may not understand how very happy we are to have our own fence. It is because I know, it's just the start. Nante and I are already very excited on what's the next step. I just hold on to God. I put my hope and trust on Him. I really believe in prayer. Really, prayer moves the hands of God.

Grandparents' Love

My family had heavy dinner at my brother's house this evening. Actually, it's not theirs but his in-laws' house. Mark's first child who was born just last Thursday - barely four days ago, was baptized today because the grandparents decided to have the ceremony in time also for their fiesta celebration. I don't remember who's their patron saint. Anyways, as a respect to them, and for Honeytweet and Kent to see their cousin for the first time, we accepted their invitation by going to Igpit, Opol. The food were great (yum! yum!) ...
I observed how the grandparents adored their little new grandson. My newphew is named Rob Micquel (pronounced as Michael) - the combination of the parents' name (Michelle and Marquel). An old style, eh. Shh... Nante and I observed: of all their four grandchildren, only Mark's son has the lightest color. The lola remarked, he look like a girl!
I have seen how Michelle's parents adored the baby. Could it be true that grandparents cherish their grandchildren more than their children? As one lola contestant from the TV was interviewed, she said she loves the "profit" more than the "capital." For me, I have observed before (when Kent was only a baby), my mom often brings something for Kent (i.e., clothes, toys, milk, etc.) and nothing for me. But I think it's not the issue on whom they love more. It's maybe because the children are really cute and irresistible that they can't help but give anything they can think of, especially the babies cannot manage on their own, they are helpless and they just depend on their parents and other people surrounding them.
Well, whatever reason it would be, we will know it when we become one. Meantime, let's just leave our curiousities aside.

He's Turning 41

Yes, my husband's gonna be 41 tomorrow! How time flies. We've been together for 22 years already (Halleluiah)! We were sweethearts in 1987 (I was 18 then) and married in 1995. So I can say, I know him already in black and white. But I realize, that even in our 13 years of marriage, I still (and will still) discover some things from him. So, I agree during our group discussion (for couples) that in marriage, everyday is a learning experience.
It's fun to recall our younger years. Just last month, I opened my old albums and I laughed at some of our old pictures when we were still young. Pictures during our dates, JS Prom, attending special occasions - where most of them, he's singing. Never mind the dedications at the back... His hair was still neck level and take note, the cheekbones were so visible! and then the bangs haha! For me? Hmm... yes, I envied my own picture. I was so slim. Some changes are very evident. But the only thing that did not change when compared to my present pics is the smile. I think I was born to smile (joke, joke!)...
I hope I can grant his wishes for his birthday: a Tribu sandals and a date. The first is very possible but the second is still not sure. Well, if there's a will, there's a way. I'll just pray that my schedule will be ordered on his very special day.

Spanish Memories

On the 3rd of February will be Nante's 41st birthday. Since it's gonna be another busy day for me, I told him I will give him an early treat. He agreed, though he commented it's still better to have a date on the actual day. Even so, we went to a mall to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It's a comedy and adventure movie. I like the story, especially I like watching talking dogs. I remember my Spanish subject since some dogs talk Spanish in the movie, like: "me corazon" (my heart), "no has" (no more), etc.
Speaking of Spanish subject, I also recalled how I struggled during my fourth semester (last). I wasn't doing well with the subject because it's kinda hard to memorize the sequences o-as-a-amos-ais-an and to connect them to some let's say, root words. And there are feminine and masculine words. For example, "la mesa" is a feminine word because it ends with letter A. While "edificio" (building) is a masculine word as it ends with letter O. That's the basis for connecting the words "la" or "el", and some other rules for sentence construction.
So, to be able to pass the subject and for me to graduate college, my teacher (Mrs. Tejano) gave me a chance by giving me removal examination (oral). And what was that? To recite "Mi Ultimo Adios." I remember how my sweat glands were so active that time LOL. As I stood in front of her, I started the first paragraph correctly, but I know the 2nd, 3rd and so on were all scrambled. I stopped and scratched my head even it's not itchy, upon realizing what I'm reciting was all blah! blah! Thank God, my teacher was so kind. Maybe she even wanted to laugh that time. And guess what? She's a Christian (no wonder). What she did was, she let me sit and prayed for me. She then led me to prayer of acceptance (of Jesus). And all is history regarding my Christianity. By the way, Nante is one of her church's member that time (guess it can now be traced...:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Learning

It's past 12MN and I'm still here on my computer browsing Blogs. Thank God I'm done with my assignment for tommorow's Sunday service (Communion exhortation) and also I've read the bible already. I've also sent my children to bed after begging me to let them play in the computer.
Well, I discovered a lot tonight. And yippey! I am following some bloggers LOL... you see, I'm using some terms already. Anyways, it's really fun, entertaining, informative and it's nice because I can pour out my emotions through this. I remember Nanay Inday telling me before that blogging fits me because I am a conversationalist (something) and I type fast. Before, I was just listening to my sisters in church talking aout this and that and I would turn my attention towards others because I could not get what they're talking about. It's all "Blogs." Until it caught my curiousity side that I asked Bogie to teach me how. Thanks to her patience and sincerity in helping me. Also to Koko for the additional tips.
That's why I'm having another hobby - a more exciting one too. But I have to go to sleep now before my husband comes home. He's coming late because of his singing career that ends at 12MN. By the way, I'm glad my husband doesn't like reading my articles so I can write about him without his knowledge. LOL again.