Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Blessing

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s (Honeytweet) school to submit a letter-request for my son’s Form 137. As I was heading to the Office of the Principal, I noticed there were two streamers in front of the building. I remembered then that my daughter was one of the participants in a Math competition. Then indeed, I saw her name on the Grade III Level. It’s really easy to notice your own hehe. I immediately took a picture on it. She made me (and her dad) proud again. We’re praying for her to be the 1st honors at the end of the school year. I am very happy that God has blessed me with gifted children (in different packaging). All glory and honor belongs to Him. By the way, my husband is gifted too hehe. Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

wow such a blessing....i will be praying for her.

God bless you and your family!!!

Mommy Phebie on February 18, 2009 at 7:27 PM said...

wow Congrats to honeytweet...