Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Funny Experience

Last time I posted about a funny incident about my blouse which was worn the other way. This is another experience (related to it) I’ll share:

Just a month ago, Sunday, my whole family went dining out to Jollibee (you know, kids’ favorite). We entered Limketkai mall and walked around 50 ft., I guess, before we reached the fastfood center. Since it was Sunday, people were everywhere, we’ve got to be careful not to bump with anybody. As we neared the place, I saw a vacant table at the corner. I told them to hurry up before somebody can occupy it. And so we got it! After getting their orders, I stood in queue for our orders. When I was back to our table, my hubby said, “Are you wearing your blouse properly?” When I bowed to see why, I found out that it was worn the other way! Huh! The threads are there! I did not finish my food yet, I hurriedly headed to the restroom, trying to avoid the people I’d meet, people behind me and those at my sides. When I was back to the table, we were all laughing. I told my husband how ashamed I was. I then recalled which way did we go, and thought about how many people could have noticed it.. How could I? I don't know why this often happens. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it, it hurts to admit, my "little" clumsiness.. LOL