Monday, February 2, 2009

Grandparents' Love

My family had heavy dinner at my brother's house this evening. Actually, it's not theirs but his in-laws' house. Mark's first child who was born just last Thursday - barely four days ago, was baptized today because the grandparents decided to have the ceremony in time also for their fiesta celebration. I don't remember who's their patron saint. Anyways, as a respect to them, and for Honeytweet and Kent to see their cousin for the first time, we accepted their invitation by going to Igpit, Opol. The food were great (yum! yum!) ...
I observed how the grandparents adored their little new grandson. My newphew is named Rob Micquel (pronounced as Michael) - the combination of the parents' name (Michelle and Marquel). An old style, eh. Shh... Nante and I observed: of all their four grandchildren, only Mark's son has the lightest color. The lola remarked, he look like a girl!
I have seen how Michelle's parents adored the baby. Could it be true that grandparents cherish their grandchildren more than their children? As one lola contestant from the TV was interviewed, she said she loves the "profit" more than the "capital." For me, I have observed before (when Kent was only a baby), my mom often brings something for Kent (i.e., clothes, toys, milk, etc.) and nothing for me. But I think it's not the issue on whom they love more. It's maybe because the children are really cute and irresistible that they can't help but give anything they can think of, especially the babies cannot manage on their own, they are helpless and they just depend on their parents and other people surrounding them.
Well, whatever reason it would be, we will know it when we become one. Meantime, let's just leave our curiousities aside.