Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Road Incident

Cagayan de Oro City is a very nice place to live in. (I'll be posting more about it next time). But one of the things I dislike is the heavy traffic. Everytime we go out with my hubby on a motorcycle, I never forget to pray for protection. One time we visited our lot in Balulang when Nante happened to bump a man! I was wondering how it happened when he (a ‘kundoktor’) was facing toward our direction. Well, his focus was on the lady who crossed the street… Thank God, we only hit his arm. I was so shocked I felt my face turned red and I could hear my heartbeat. What makes me nervous in incidents like this is the possibility of some troubles (arguments, possible fight, the hospital bills, etc.) – God forbid! Praise God, he was okay, I know, because he remained standing after what happened. Whew! But I appreciated my hubby’s reaction that moment. After a short discussion on the matter (both with soft and calm voices), he just told the man, “I’m sorry.” And we proceeded to the area... My point is; if you drive, you've got to have patience, if you don't have, well, learn to have one.