Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gift From God

Last week (Saturday), I and my hubby went canvassing for a computer CPU when outside the store I saw a printing press. I remembered that I had to canvass for my Bible “repair” also because some pages (maybe five) were detached when it fell on the floor. So I crossed the street and asked how much it would cost me. I was told it would be rebound (hard bound) after the pages are back to its original places. They will charge P250.00 but after some bargaining, the lady said it can be reduced to P230.00. My, it’s as good as buying a new one! I just told them I’d be back when I got the amount.

The following day, Sunday, I was installed as the pastor-in-charge of the Jesus The Shepherd Church. (I will post about this next time). After our Head Pastor announced my installation, he gave me a certificate (in frame) and a NEW BIBLE! I was soooo happy… Now, I enjoy reading it, especially it has large script and the words of Jesus in red letters. Isn’t God amazing? He really knows not only my desires but my wants and needs. Praise Him!