Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream House

One of my biggest dreams is to own a house. Even a simple house will do as long as I can call it my or our own. Well, who wouldn't want a house, anyway? It took us years of planning about this dream. When we travel to Iligan City or in other places I would look at the window to see the different house designs. I would then tell Nante which one I like and that I want our house to look like it. And guess what? God uses someone to bless us and slowly make this dream into a reality. It started by her initial offer of having the lot fenced. We ourselves couldn't believe at first because the sponsor wouldn't tell us frankly what she's planning. She offered her assistance in a subtle conversation and agreement. She just told us to have it fenced and suddenly she asked us to accompany to the lumber yard and then she ordered some woods, bought some nails and even padlock! For the fence, the bamboos were given us by Koko's father (thanks!), so we only spent for the hauling and the rest, including labor was free (a blessing). As of this moment we are into praying and praying for God to seal the financer's money so that the enemy cannot steal or take it away. Last week she sent me text message complaining that the area is not yet cleared so how could she buy hollow blocks, sand and gravel. I convinced and assured her that in less than three days it will be cleared. At this time, we are in the stage of planning for the house design but our fence is done! Thank God. I know some may not understand how very happy we are to have our own fence. It is because I know, it's just the start. Nante and I are already very excited on what's the next step. I just hold on to God. I put my hope and trust on Him. I really believe in prayer. Really, prayer moves the hands of God.