Friday, February 6, 2009

Coke, Tea and Water

As I arrived the office this morning, I opened my can containing bags of tea, sachets of 3-in-1 coffee and soya powdered milk. I took the Lipton Tea (Clear Green Flavor) and prepared a cup of the tea. I would then make another cup or two of the same bag. Good it can make up to three. Talk about saving...

One time, my officemate remarked that it’s really good for me to take tea regularly rather than Coke. They named me Ms. Coke already because when there’s Coke during snacks or lunch I wouldn’t refuse the offer to drink. After the eating session if the bottle still has contents, they’d put it on my table! Or they’ll tell me to drink some more or consume it rather than flush it in the toilet (they know I like Coke that much). Sometimes I would either refuse to drink some more or I’d bring it home for Nante and the kids.

Frankly, I have some fears also because I know the disadvantages, of course. Our pastor also gave us a printout of a newspaper with the article, “Coke or Water?” Reading it made me realize the dangers and disadvantages. In fact, I didn’t hear of any advantages at all LOL. Before, I can drink one or two glasses of Coke. There were even times when Nante and I consumed one liter (just the two of us, take note)! But now, I’d try to limit it to ¾ of a glass or the most, one full glass. After drinking, I would take two glasses of water. Hope it’ll work. Water is still the best (I know that). Well, we just have to remind ourselves that, everything in excess is bad.