Monday, December 15, 2008

A Busy Week

Christmas is indeed fast approaching. A season of joy, fun and even reunions (family/school/friends). I guess everyone have this "feeling" inside of us that we only feel during Christmas: the joy inside of us. Everytime I hear Christmas songs, there's this "something" inside of me that I can't explain. Celebrating Jesus' birth is great! Of course, we know the reason.
Well, parties expected... I will be having two Christmas parties this week. On Wednesday for our office (Legal Division). It will be at Max's Restaurant. Hmm... chicken, chicken, lechon, etc. Thursday - whole DENR office's party (inside the DENR compound only), to refrain from much expenses. A good idea though.
Tomorrow (Tuesday), will be our Mentoring Group of 3 (MG3). I enjoy this group because aside from fellowhipping, we will have another step of spiritual growth. Thursday will be our regular Music Ministry practice - oh! It's gonna be my turn for songleading. I haven't prepared my lineup yet. And, the praise and worship will be for our church's Christmas party! On Friday will be our regular schedule for Prayer Meeting. I hope it won't rain so that many can join. On Saturday will be our final preparation for the Sunday service.
I'm so excited already for our Christmas party. Exchanging of gifts is also fun and thrilling. My kids are very eager to know who are we gonna give our gifts. Sorry, for the sake of excitement and thrill, we wouldn't reveal their papa's "manita".
I'm gonna have more energy this week. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Glory to God!