Monday, August 24, 2009

A Very "Discomforting" Thing

For two days I've been suffering the discomforts of "hmmm...roids". Mom advised applying it with Banana peeling. I hadn't done it yet because I've already applied it with Katialis - highly recommended by a friend. Sadly, it didn't work this time. I browsed the net for possible treatments so I wouldn't have to go to the doctor LOL! Acetaminophen is recommended , but only temporarily as it may "come again". There are so many things to do like increase water and fiber intakes and exercise (oww! I'm guilty on this), to name a few. Other causes include overweight (ulk!), etc. But the warning is, if it bleeds, we have to consult the doctor as it may be something more serious. I also thought that the main cause is constipation. But diarrhea also causes this kind of sickness. It pays to research about some early symptoms of sickness, but I guess going to a doctor would be best (but not with this [for me] LOL!). Anyways, I had this 'instinct' again, so I took Flanax because, it's anti-inflammatory. Indeed, I feel more comfortable now, thank God. Aside from instincts, folks, prayer is much needed in times of sickness - I mean ALL kinds of sickness!


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