Monday, March 9, 2009

Marching Time!

How time flies. It's already March - marching time, as they say... When my family in Iligan City asked me why we did not bring along our kids, I explained: Well, they are both busy doing their school projects and assignments because school year is ending, it's the fourth grading period. Besides, the younger one is fighting for first honors while the older is fighting for 'survival!' They laughed at my joke but with curiousity. I saw the question marks on their foreheads. I further explained; my son's study habit is bad. He's contented just to be able to get passing grades even how little these may be. What shall he do with the excess of 75% anyway? Well, this just won't do with my little girl. She really aimed to get the first honors award for three consecutive years. With all our support... who wouldn't be glad if that happens. I always remind them how important it is to be serious in their schooling. Or else they will not get good jobs in the future.

One time, my daughter said that she wanted to grow up like me; to have "two offices" because she believes in the saying "Like mother like daughter." I wonder where'd she hear that quotation. She really understands it eh?... So c'mon, march on kids! To a brighter future - with God as your guide.