Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Yucky Experience

As I was riding on a 'tri-sikad' yesterday heading for my office. I noticed some men working on the road under repair. They had this big hose sucking mud they've dug down under. The big hose was placed on the center of the road that when the black waters were released, the road looked so yucky! Suddenly, a vehicle was coming toward our direction. It went so fast that when it hit the mud it splashed right to us (driver and me)! The 'sikad' driver was so angry he had 'tongues' LOL. I was shocked and speechless. I was angry but I thought, there's nothing we can do. The jeepney driver may even didn't know what happened, the men working never noticed the incident. So I told the 'sikad' driver to go back to my house because my pants, feet, blouse were muddy-wet with a little dot on my face. EW! My son said I looked like Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because of the 'mole'. So, I took my second bath for that day and, I was very late in coming to the office. Charge to experience...