Monday, March 9, 2009

Beauty Session

Yesterday me and hubby went to my hometown; Iligan City. My mom, younger sister and our eldest sister's family were glad with our visit but wished we brought our kids with us. I sensed how they missed my kids. Anyway, since we arrived already late in the afternoon, we decided to stay for the night and just leave early dawn so as not to be late or absent from my work.

My sister treated us with a yummy dinner as if there's an important occasion. While having dinner I thought about our kids - how about them? What are they having for dinner? Mothers...

After the table was cleared, my sister introduced her new business product, Mary Kay. I told her it's just like Avon. She objected, saying it's local while MK is an expensive brand. She then took her box of kit because she will have a demonstration for hand spa and facial. She ordered us to wear a big, towelette "headband" while the Cortes ladies (me, mom, Lenore and her) plus my hubby were given mirrors with very small round containers beneath it. Then the session began. While giving instructions, she said we have saved about P500.00 from the parlor. Agreeably, the product is good. It made our hands so smooth. At least for a while.

As we rested that night, I realized I missed that kind of family bonding. I look forward to another beauty session with them.