Saturday, March 14, 2009

Match As Deodorizer

When nature calls and I'm in the office, "Oh, no!" I'd really try not to do 'it' because I'm so conscious if somebody will use the restroom immediately after me, especially if it's my boss. When she'd knock at the door, we will panic and hurries to go out. So, if ever I just couldn't hold it, I'd just grab my small bottle of Victoria's Secret and spray at least thrice after flushing the bowl in order to deodorize the room. One time my boss commented how fragrant the restroom was, after I used it. I just smiled, and my officemates were smiling at me too (they knew why). Everytime I'd hold my perfume while going to the 'room', they'd sometimes tell me, "Ops! We know what you're going to do." I'd just signal them to be quiet. Yes, I'd sacrifice my expensive perfume for that. Actually, the name bears it, 'Secret.'

One time, the one sitting next to my table approached me. She advised me that instead of using my perfume, I will use a match. That, three sticks will shoo away the bad smell. I asked her where she got the idea. Her sister works with a famous beauty product in the US. She was the one who gave her the tip. Indeed it works! Try it too. Now, I can only use my Victoria's Secret when we run out of matches LOL.


Lalaine on March 14, 2009 at 9:36 PM said...

really huh! but do you have to light up the match or just put it out.. because I also heard that the match stick (unlit) is effective to use when peeling onions.. it won't let you cry.

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