Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The ATM Incident

Last night, we were supposed to start our church’s regular Mentoring Group meeting at 6:00 PM. But before we got into the discussion, we had chitchats about anything. One topic we had was about the ATM card. Beginning March of this year, all government employees are required to have an ATM card thru Landbank because salaries and all other benefits will be deposited to the bank already, not anymore thru the office cashier (cash).

I related to the group one incident wherein I stood in line at Gaisano Mall’s ATM to verify my balances. While waiting for my turn, I noticed an untidy man standing not very far from another person who was already doing his transaction. I knew the man was annoyed by the other man’s presence near him. The latter then approached the lady before me and asked for her assistance in transacting the ATM. The lady looked on the card he’s holding and I also glanced into it. She told him that the card he’s carrying is not applicable to any of the three ATMs. I smiled at the lady, but inside me I was laughing hard. Why? The card he’s holding was a Gaisano Suki Club; a card the mall gives to its frequent buyers to earn points and exchange with goods! I was thinking; maybe he’s a thief and when he found the card, he thought it’s an ATM card and he can withdraw cash from it. LOL!