Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beauty Parlors

While riding on a tricycle one day, I overheard my co-passengers talking about the other one's work that day in one of the popular beauty parlors in Cagayan de Oro City. She told her mom how irritated she was with her customer in the morning. Here's her story:

(While doing on the hair of the man):
Man : Miss, do you offer free coffee here?
Lady : No, sir. Sorry.
Man : Why not? The other parlor just near here offers free coffee. And it's overflowing. You can ask for more every time.
Lady : Really? What's the name of the parlor, sir?
Man : Greenhills Funeral Parlor!

Then I knew why...


One of my officemates is fond of making fun and telling jokes to us. He asked my other officemate sitting at my back:

Him : Candy, how are you related to Beauty?
Candy : Beauty, who?
Him : Oh, c'mon.. Beauty, you don't know her? Your relative...
Candy : (Realized her full name - Candy SALON Patungan).


Hope these made you smile, bloggers.