Thursday, June 25, 2009

Puntod Friends

I guess we all have up to four groups of friends. Me, I have friends from the church, neighborhood, office, hometown and those who belong to the "etc." group hehe. For now, I will post about my friends in the neighborhood. Actually, they are hubby's childhood friends. He has shared to me how close they really were especially when they were young. In fact, three couples were formed out of that group who eventually were married (after 10 years in relationship - since high school). Other things he's shared was their childhood and youth activities, and also their "foolishness" before. When I married the Puntod guy, I was thankful that they all were very warm to me and made me feel comfortable with the group. I was kinda adopted member. As years pass, some of them already went to live abroad. But, yearly we have this sort of a reunion because they would always find time to spend vacation in the Philippines and they really try to gather the whole gang. I'm also thankful that these friends respect our faith. They're not offended when I and hubby don't drink... Following are some photos of our bonding moments. I will be posting about my other group of friends next time...