Friday, April 3, 2009

The Surprise Party

Last Saturday, I was tasked by my Head Pastor to share/exhort for a surprise wedding anniversary celebration (25th). Surprise because the couple didn't know about the party hosted by their three children. We waited for two hours (the disadvantage for surprise arrangements). The highlight would be that their son who's working in Manila and whom they haven't seen for eight months will be present.
Their "drama" was; their son called up thru his sister's cellphone. The sister then put the microphone on the speaker of the phone. As their son greeted them (his voice came out from the karaoke - because he was using a wireless mic), the mother answered back crying hard. She told her son how much she misses him and that she wanted to embrace him before he'll travel to Singapore where he will be assigned for work. Suddenly, their son appeared! Much to the surprise of the mother. I guess their father knew about it. The mother was literally shouting and jumping for joy and surprise. As we watched them, my tears ran on my cheeks but I was laughing because of the mother's reaction.
I told my husband how would I feel then when my son and daughter grow up and work in a far place (or country). I could relate to the feelings of the parents.


Mommy Phebie on April 3, 2009 at 10:30 PM said...

az n ate? mka cry man sab ta ana sa ka surprise oi!